USF '07 Spring Practice: Zach Hermann Q&A

USF offensive lineman Zach Hermann has size, technique, and has been impressive this spring. The Bulls coaching staff are expecting big things from the redhirt freshmen this year. Read on to find out what gains he made in the off-season, and what his main goals are this spring. Only on Get it First Get it fast!

Zach Hermann

What's it like going through your first spring practice at USF?
"Practice is going pretty good so far. I'm just trying to learn everything and catch up to the older guys. I'm getting more used to everything now, much better then in the fall."

Did you make some big gains during your redshirt year?
"Yeah, I went up a lot in bench, and a lot of things in the weight room. Right now I bench around 360, and squat 550-570 pounds."

What's the biggest change that you see in your self since the start of spring practice?
"I'd say I'm a lot more physical. Also my techniques are a lot better out there."

What do you do to work on your technique?
"We watch film before we practice, but I really try to watch the older guys. See what they're doing, and see what the coaches are trying to tell us to do, and I try and do what the coach tells us the best that I can.."

What players are you learning the most from?
"I'd say probably Matt Huners, Capogna, Griffin, pretty much all of them. They've all been here and I can learn from them."

What would you like to accomplish this spring?
"My main things are to learn as much as I can, and try to earn a starting job. I also want to work on my pass game and pass blocking out here. In high school we ran a lot and didn't wok on it as much. I want to work on all facets of my game to be a complete player."  Message Boards - Get it First, Get it Fast!


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