UCF vs USF Baseball Game Notes & Observations

  The USF Bulls' (23-9) bats showed up last night as they dethroned   USFNation was there to provide some notes and observations.  Get it here, only at USFNation.  


The USF Bulls' (23-9) bats showed up last night as they dethroned their in-state rival UCF Knights (16-17) 11-4.  USFNation was there to provide some notes and observations.  Get it here, only at USFNation.

Attendance: 767

Wind was swirling out towards right field and left field at random moments in the game.

USF Basketball coach Stan Heath threw out the first pitch.

Matt Grothe made yet another appearance.

Here were the starting lineups:


1.  Matt Horwath  DH
2.  Chadd Hartman  LF
3.  Tyson Auer  CF
4.  Kiko Vazquez  1B
5.  Chris Duffy  3B
6.  Ryan Richardson  RF
7.  Shane Brown  C
8.  Eric Kallstrom  SS
9.  Kyle Mills  2B

Starting Pitcher- Eric English


1.  Mike Consolmagno  CF
2.  Walter Diaz  SS
3.  Ty Taborelli  LF
4.  Dexter Butler  2B
5.  Addison Maruszak  3B
6.  Brandin Daniel 1B
7.  Nick Cardieri  DH
8.  Joey Angelberger  RF
9.  Braulio Pardo  C

Starting Pitcher- Matt Quevedo


Who Looked Good:

Ty Taborelli:  Most of the USF batters were very patient at the plate.  Ty was no exception, drawing a couple walks.  He also racked up 3 runs with a couple singles going opposite way on his hits.  Defensively, he made multiple hustling grabs on short fly-balls, resulting in his hat flying off of his head.

Dexter Butler:  He's not hitting .376 by accident.  His hits were lined shots into right field.  He got into a rundown on his second hit in the seventh, but showed great adlib working his way around the defender and got back to first base safely.  Defensively, he was victim of multiple in-between grounders, but stayed in front of the ball and handled every ball that came to him.

Nick Cardieri:  Was the spark of the 5-run fourth inning that got USF started.  His swing was looking much better than earlier this season with a couple of RBI singles. 

Joey Angelberger:  Has had a rough year offensively, but you wouldn't have known it watching this game.  His free-swinging style of play gave him a rocket-blast to left for a double.  He got two more RBI's on a sacrifice fly and an 8th-inning single.

Who Struggled:

Brandin Daniel:  For two straight games that USFNation has covered baseball, Brandin struck out three times, twice in three pitches.  He did manage to reach base on an error.

Matt Quevedo:  You can argue that he didn't necessarily struggle, working 6 1/3.  However, he gave up a few hits early and most of the UCF batters made solid contact.  He only gave up two runs.  His night came to an end when he walked a batter on four pitches and hit another.  Based on his past outings, this was a rather mediocre start.

Walter Diaz:  After his first inning triple, Walter disappeared.  He came into the game hitting a Ted Williams-like .402!  However, going 2-6 might have dropped that average down to a rather quaint .400.  His other hit was a ball that may have been fielded by a skilled shortstop, resulting in an RBI.  He left the bases loaded in the 8th and struck out twice.

Highlight-Reel Plays

Third-baseman Addison Maruszak made an amazing dive to his right resulting in a spectacular double-play in the fifth inning.  Addison had a real bi-polar night, making that amazing play but also had two errors in back-to-back innings.  His first error was on a throw by catcher Braulio Pardo attempting to pick off a runner stealing third, the ball went through his glove resulting in the runner scoring in the 6th inning.  In the 7th inning, he botched a grounder that could not have been easier to field.

In the 8th inning, catcher Braulio Pardo made a spectacular play running into the UCF dugout catching a pop-up, leaving the UCF dugout scattering out into the clubhouse or on the field.


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