USF '07 Spring Practice: Taurus Johnson Q&A

USF Receiver Taurus Johnson talks with during the mid way point of spring practice. T.J. is entering this spring bigger, stronger and ready to take on a role as a team leader. Read on to find out what gains he made this offseason, what his goals are for the spring, and more. Only on Get it First Get it fast!

Taurus Johnson

How's spring practice been treating you so far?
"Spring practice is going really good. We're out here in the hot days, working hard and learning. We're learning a lot of plays, a lot of new plays this year, but were starting to get the hang of it and its going good so far"

Do you see a difference this year compared to last spring?
"Oh yeah, now we have a lot more momentum, a lot more energy and a lot more urge to be out here. This is my third spring out here now, so I know what to expect. The last two years have been kind of good, but this year has been my best one yet by far."

What the biggest change you've made from last spring?
"For me personally I've been getting stronger and becoming a better blocker. Blocking wise, I've been doing a whole lot better then I did last year. So that's the biggest change I got going right now."

How much stronger are you then this time last year?
"Last year I benched 295, now I'm putting up 330. I power lifted 285, and in squat I put up 505. So I had a pretty good off season and am a lot stronger then I was last year.

Is there a big difference with coach Canales leading your unit out there this spring?
"Oh yes, Coach Canales is a great coach. We're happy that we got him. He knows the game and he's been to the next level. He'll tell us all the time to always keep money in your pocket instead of taking money out of your pocket. Coach Canales is a great coach and I love him to death."

Do you find yourself becoming one of the leaders on the team?
"Yeah I do. Me, coach Canales, and Coach Gregory were talking about that earlier. They were saying how they want some of the wide outs to take a leadership role this year. So me, Amarri and Amp have been trying to do that. Coach is looking for us to step up, and I'm ready to accept it."

I've notice some fire coming from you this spring where's that coming from?
"It's just the intensity that I have. You know you got that flame burning inside of you, and sometimes you just have to let it out now and then. But that's just me it's all in good fun. "

What are the main things you want to accomplish over the lastr two weeks of spring ball?
"Just get better, get better at route running, get better at catching the ball, and get better as a blocker.  Message Boards - Get it First, Get it Fast!


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