Bulls React To Heath Hiring: Aaron Holmes

USF took a step in the right direction to restore respect and pride back into their basketball program. The hiring of head coach Stan Heath ushers in a sense of excitement amongst the local media and fans alike regarding the future. However, the ones who may be the most excited, and affected are the players. In Todays feature USFN talked with FSU Transfer Guard Aaron Homes and got his thoughts.

The 4 star guard from St. Petersburg Catholic transferred to USF after just one semester at FSU to be closer to home and his family, and  is sitting out this  season as to mandatory NCAA rules.

Holmes scored more than 2,000 career points, and led St. Petersburg Catholic to four straight district titles and three trips to the state Final Four. He was the only player to be named All Suncoast Player of the Year three times by the St. Petersburg Times (2004-06), and was also runner-up for Florida's Mr. Basketball in 2006. He was also on an AAU team that won the Showtime National title.

USFNation: How do you feel about the new coach now?
Aaron Holmes: "I'm pretty excited! When he came in, he gave us a speech about winning games and that got me pretty pumped up. He talked about [University of] Florida winning everything around here and I'm tired about being jealous about that! I want USF to do big things and I really feel like he can help out a lot! I like the style of the play, to get up and run! From what I hear a lot of his players get along well with him. He's a pretty cool guy and a good coach."

USFN: I know you just had your first team meeting, what was that like?
Aaron Holmes:  "Uh, he said we have a workout tomorrow at 7 am [*Laughs]. I'm ready, I like that. He's ready to get out there already and I'm pretty excited about that."

USFN: Do you think this will fit your game style?
Aaron Holmes:  "Yes sir. One thing that I like, is that he coached Ronnie Brewer before, I knew that for while but I wanted to ask him for some game tape of Ronnie Brewer because he was a great player, he plays for the Utah Jazz now and I like that he does a good job of developing his players, so I am looking forward to that!"

USFN: Has it been hard on you the last couple of weeks not having a head coach in place?
Aaron Holmes: "Yes sir because I have been talking to a lot of my friends at [University of] Alabama, and the other big colleges and they told me that they were already working out. So I am just ready to go out there and work hard. I got to sit out like three games next year, but I'm pretty excited about when I return because he can really help me out and develop my game."

USFN:  How does it feel to be back home?
Aaron Holmes: "I like it a lot! I think it's a great place to be and we have a chance to be very good. We just need to get the fans behind us and get the students here and show everybody that we will do well."

USFN: After you seen what's happened here today, do you feel that the fans  are willing to get behind you just because it's a new start?
Aaron Holmes: "I was thinking that, I asked the guys "Hey, have we ever gotten this much media attention?" and they were like "No." So, I am pretty excited about that. I think bringing in a new coach will bring in more fans and just like [Coach Heath] said "Its up to us now." Mr. Woolard did his job by getting us a new coach and now it's our job to produce the wins. I think we can do that with the coach here. We need to continue to go out there and play hard and play as a team. That's what Florida is doing, they play as a team. I think [Coach Heath] can help us do that. [Arkansas] played very well against Florida this year in the [SEC] championship."

USFN: "Do you feel the energy and the buzz coming coming from the new coach in the building?
Aaron Holmes: "Yeah! I feel like everything has been revamped and I am just excited about everything, even practice to get started! I was thinking to myself that I might start a calendar and count all the days down until practice actually starts."



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