Bulls React To Heath Hiring: Amu Saaka

USF took a step in the right direction to restore respect and pride back into their basketball program. The hiring of head coach Stan Heath ushers in a sense of excitement amongst the local media and fans alike regarding the future. However, the ones who may be the most excited, and affected are the players. In Todays feature USFN talked with guard Adamu 'Amu' Saaka and got his thoughts.

Adamu Saaka


How do you feel now that you have a new coach?

"It's relieving, we're very excited and we're ready to get to work for him. We'll see how he does things, he seems like a pretty nice guy and I'm just really excited!"


Do you like his style of offense for your game?

"Yea, I like the way he runs with the ball and shoots threes, I'm pretty excited!"


What was the first team meeting with him like?

"It was really insightful, he got personal with us, and it helped us see what kind of guy he is, and so far so good!"


There were a lot of coaching names thrown out there the past couple of weeks, was Coach Heath one of the first one's you liked?

"Yeah, I actually saw Arkansas a lot on T.V. this year, and I saw him and just that and his prestige I guess, it makes me really excited to see where he is going."


Last year the fan base wasn't there at the games, do you feel like things have changed almost overnight for next year?

"Actually, we had a joke before the press conference started; it was like ‘whoa' these many people don't even come to our games! Yeah, so hopefully he has a game plan to do that and I'm sure he does and the more the better."


Do you feel a difference already in the team? Not trying to knock Coach Mac, but it came to a point where the record was the record.

"Uh, no knock on Coach [Mac], he was a great guy. but Coach Heath sems more in touch and says his style of play will be able to fit everyone."


The team in general, how are they responding?

"It feels like we all have a fresh new start, a chance to do big things, and I like what Coach said in there "that we are a sleeping giant." I think that's the best way to put that. We know what we can do; we just haven't done it yet. We have a silent confidence in us and I think Coach Heath is gonna bring it out. "


Seeing how the fans have reacted, are you more excited now compared to last year when you first arrived?

"I hope everybody comes out to the games and supports us, and that's all I could hope for and this is a good sign and a good omen."


What do you feel about  practice being called at 7 am ?

"He's getting right down to business, we're actually a little behind other teams around the country, so we need to get to work!"

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