USF '07 Spring Practice: Ben Williams Q&A

USF Running back Ben Williams may not be the most talked about player, but he has more career starts and game experience then all the other backs on the Bulls roster combined. Read on to find out what gains he made this off-season, why this spring is more intense, and what his goals are for the last week of spring practice. Only on Get it First Get it fast!

Benjamin Williams


How have you been doing so far this spring?

"So far spring practice has gone pretty good, it just feels good to get back on the field and stuff like that. I'm just trying to get as many plays in and get ready for the next season."


Do you feel like you have a good grasp of the offense this spring?

"Yeah, I pretty much know the offense. I just want to make sure I know the little ins and outs of every thing. I want to work on my technique and make myself a better player and help the other running backs become better players."


Are you pleased with your performance so far this spring?

"Yeah, I'm pretty much pleased. I just want to make sure I stay humble and keep up the hard work."


What did you do during the off season to prepare yourself for this spring?

"I did a lot more stretching. I have been trying to get a lot more flexible and a lot quicker. I basically wanted to keep the same work ethic and intensity and just improve on everything else."


What kind of gains did you make in the weight room?

"In the weight room everything went up. My bench went up to 405 from 385, and my squat is up to 735 from 670".


Do you feel your running better this spring?

 "I feel a little quicker, a little faster, a little bit different from last year"


How do you feel with the rotation?

"Everybody is getting reps.  I feel confident that everybody will do their best when the get their chance on the field.


Do see much change in the offense from last year?

"There's a little difference in the way its run, but it's basically the same.


Do you see a difference in spring practice this year from last year?

"There's not much difference, but there's a lot more intensity out there. Everybody is competing for a job so it's a lot more intense then it's ever been. I'm getting a lot of early reps against our first team defense so everything is much more intense."


What do you want to accomplish over the last weeks of spring?

"Over the last week of spring I want to go out and practice as hard as I can, and try and become a more complete running back. I want to focus on my plays and making my reads. "


One last question, where did the nickname Barbeque come from?

"Pat Julmiste started that my first year out here at practice. It doesn't mean anything, he was just joking around and it kind of got stuck on me. I don't really like it that much, but it's just a nickname so I don't have a problem with it as long as I can get out there and play some ball."


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