Bulls React To Heath Hiring: Solomon Bozeman

USF took a step in the right direction to restore respect and pride back into their basketball program. The hiring of head coach Stan Heath ushers in a sense of excitement amongst the local media and fans alike regarding the future. However, the ones who may be the most excited, and affected are the players. In Todays feature USFN talked with guard Solomon Bozeman and got his thoughts.

Solomon Bozeman

How do you feel now that Coach Heath has been named head coach?
"I feel real good, I'm real excited. He seams like a real people person and that he gets along with his players. I'm excited to get back to work."

How was the first team meeting with Coach Heath?
"It was exciting, we were ready to get a new coach, we've been without a coach for three weeks and we were ready. There was a lot of excitement in the room and everybody was ready to listen to him and hear what he has to say and to get to know him.

Do you feel like his type of game will fit your style of play?
"Oh yeah when he told us that we were going to be a more up-tempo team this year, I'm not going to lie, but I was really liking that. I think it fits me better, and I think a lot of our players our liking that idea too."

After seeing all the excitement and support at the press conference, do you feel this will help bring the fans back?
"Yeah I feel we'll have more people supporting us now. Last year we really didn't have that many fans that came out and supported us, and now that we have new blood, I think more people will.

Are you excited to start the new era in Bulls Basketball?
"Yeah I'm excited and ready to play. Everybody is."

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