USF '07 Spring Practice: Mike Jenkins Q&A

With one week left of spring practice, USFN got a chance to catch up with senior corner back Mike Jenkins to find out about the gains he has made going into the last week of practice and what he is improving on for this upcoming season. Only on -- Get it First, Get it Fast!

Mike Jenkins

What are the some of the gains you've made this past year, weight and strength wise? You seem a little bit bigger.

Well yeah, I've gained 10 pounds. I am about 200 pounds. [Strength wise] I put up 375 [lbs]; I set the record for DB's along with Jamal Jenkins. I set the record last year at 360 but Jamal broke it, so I had to come back and tie it up and get my name back up on the board.


In the weight room what other things did you improve on?

My lower body strength, my lower body wasn't really that strong as far as lifting and running [was concerned]. That was my main focus this year. I'm squatting about 430 or 435 [pounds]. I really didn't do squats, I was terrible at it, but I'm slowly improving on it.


Now I know last year, you were on of the fastest players on the team, are you still?

I haven't run the 40 yet but I still feel like I am.

Another thing I noticed after practice is that you seemed to give a little "chuck" off the line to your receivers. I've never seen you do that before, is that something new you've added to your game?

I learned it from D'juan Brown, he graduated two years ago. I did it my sophomore year, then I broke my finger and I didn't feel like doing it after that. But now I got a little more confidence [back], a little more swagger so I tried it and it worked.


So do you thing it's going to help you out there?

Oh yeah! I think it's gonna' help me a lot coming into the season. A lot of guys are not gonna' expect it. What I usually do is let them run into their routes so they're not gonna' expect me to just chuck ‘em off the line. I'm gonna' try to switch the game up, chuck him here, let him go there and try to confuse them.


What do you think the main difference with the team out here in practice compared to last year?

I feel like its sort of the same, but all I see now is energy and as far as the coaches, they're pushing us to be better than the way we finished last year. So I think a lot of the [players'] goals are to finish higher than the way we finished last year; the players are working a lot harder.


When you were here as a freshman, what were your goals for the season then?

Just to come in and play truthfully, I thought I was gonna' come in from high school and play. I got in and played my first two games and then redshirted after because I wasn't getting much [playing] time after that, but my main goal was just to come in from high school and play.



What are your goals now?

I haven't really set any goals but right now I would say it's to make big plays every game.


Last year Trae Williams was getting a lot of the interceptions; do you consider yourself more of a shutdown corner?

Well, I am playing field corner; most of the passes that come my way are to the flats. I also am playing deep third on the passes. A lot of passes aren't really thrown deep on the field because you have to have a really strong arm with the quarterback. So a lot of the times Trae is gonna' get a lot of the action because he is playing the short side of the field and they went at him and he made the best out of it.


Now that you're a senior, do you consider yourself one of the team leaders?

Most definitely, I'm not an outspoken leader; I am just a "go out there and do it" type of guy, so most definitely I feel like I'm a leader out there.


Is this something that the coaches wanted, or is it something you wanted to do?

"They're always pushing me and I think Coach Leavitt wanted me to be more of a vocal leader, but that's not me; I really just go out there and lead by example."


You have one week left in spring practice, is there anything you want to accomplish in that week?

"Well, last year in the spring game I got two picks. This year I want to get three and [also] just get better!"


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