USF '07 Spring Practice: Trae Williams Q&A

With only a few days left of spring practice, USFN got a chance to catch up with USF senior corner back Trae Williams. Read this exclusive interview and find out what's it's like going through his last spring as a Bull, the difference he sees in the receivers, and what his expectations are this year for the defense and the team. Only on -- Get it First, Get it Fast!

Trae Williams

How has your last spring practice as a USF Bull been going for you?
"Well, its been going great so far this spring, its great to be back out here working hard as a team and I am enjoying my last spring."

Have you seen anything different these spring practices compared to the last couple of spring practices?
"Na, nothing's different except my age and my class. For the most part everything is still the same; everybody is working hard and dedicated to winning. That's how its always been around here."

How about yourself? Have you made any changes to your game this off-season?
"Well, Coach Mac has us working hard in the weight room, but other than that it's pretty much the same thing. Going to the weight room and working hard!"

What kind of gains have you made in the weight room?
"You might have to ask Coach Mac that, I am not quite sure" (Said while laughing as coach Mac walks by.)

Last year you had seven interceptions, are you going to try to beat it this year?
"Sure, why not; well I don't think about it too much. It seems like maybe if I think about it too much, I might not get any at all. So I try not to think about it too much. I am just going to try to go out there, have fun and play to win."

Do you notice anything different with the receivers and the offense compared to years past?
"The receivers out there have got a little more ‘spunk' to them this year. It seems like the offense is a lot better. For the most part, with all the new coaches and coordinators they have a lot higher expectations this year. They're doing pretty good as far as trying to move the ball."

What are your expectations for the team and specifically the defense?
"Well, for the defense, we want to be the best defense in the nation. We want to win the Big East! As for the team, we all want to win championships. So that's pretty much what everybody is focused on right now."

Is there anything you want to accomplish the last few days of spring?
"I guess it's to get me an interception or two in the spring game and for my side to win. That's what I want to accomplish."  Message Boards - Get it First, Get it Fast!


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