USF '07 Spring Practice: Aston Samuels Q&A

USFN got a chance to catch up with USF freshmen running back Aston Samuels. Read this exclusive interview and find out what's it's like going through his first spring practice as a Bull, what gains he's made since he got here, and what his expectations are this year. Only on -- Get it First, Get it Fast!

How was your first spring practice out here at USF?

"Well my first spring practice, I kind of struggled with the plays, but as practices went along and I started running everything started falling into place."


How do you think you did while competing with the other running backs?

 "I think I competed well and showed what I can do with the ball and I'll just leave the rest up to Coach Franks."


What do you think the biggest improvement you've made in yourself since coming here last year?

"Well overall, it's adjusting to the college speed and maybe catching the ball a little bit better and reading defenses a little bit better.


What kind of gains have you made in the weight room?

"I made a lot of gains. I went up in my bench press and also in my squats. I'm benching 285 [lbs] now and last year I was benching 265. Last year I was squatting 250 max now I'm at 315."


When you first arrived here on campus what was your actual weight?

"It was about 170 [lbs] but it fluctuated sometimes between 170 and 168. Right now it's about 180-181. The extra weight feels good. "


Do you work out with your brother a lot?

"Yeah we work out a lot. He likes to coach me."


What do you think the biggest accomplishment you've made this spring?

"It was just learning the plays. When I first got here, everything felt so foreign and awkward and learning the plays has helped me out a lot."


Since your always going against the linebackers out there, who has looked the toughest so far?

Mostly all of them, you got Moffit, you got Bruce Mompremière, you got McKenzie, all of those guys.


Do you feeling like your getting a really good practice going against this type of defense?

"Yeah, our defense is the one of the top defenses in the Big East, so practicing against them is gonna' help make me better and also give them good practice."


Now that practice is over, is there anything you want to accomplish during the spring game?

"I just want to contribute and help the team, whichever team I'm on and try to win."


What are goals from now until summer starts?

"I want to put on some more weight and get a little stronger and faster."  Message Boards - Get it First, Get it Fast!


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