USF 2007 Spring Game Photo Gallery

Check out action photos from USF's 2007 spring game. Included are action shots of Matt Grothe, Mike Ford, Ben Moffitt, Grant Gregory, Aston Samuels and many many more. Only on

Matt Grothe

Coach Wally Burnham

George Selvie & Matt Huners

Courtney Denson

Coach Rich Rachel

Matt Huners, George Selvie, & Jeremiah Warren

Grant Gregory

Cedric Hill & Jerome Murphy

Delbert Alvarado

Aaron Harris & Matt Grothe

Mike Ford

Justin Teachey

Coach Gregory & Matt Grothe

Ben Moffitt shows off his new look

Chris Robinson pressures Matt Grothe

Shawn Cannon

Mike Ford

Matt Grothe

Ilia Petrov

Colby Erskin

Aston Samuels & Sam Miller

Louis Gachette giving chase to Mike Ford

Mike Ford lowers his shoulder on Lous Gachette after a 26 yard run

Mke Ford thanks Carlton Mitchell for block.

Mike ford on way to first TD at Raymond James

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