USF '07 Spring Practice: Richard Clebert Q&A

After the spring game, USFNation got a chance to chat with senior defensive tackle Richard Clebert. Find out what his thoughts were about his performance, his last spring game as a bull and his goals for the upcoming summer. Only on -- Get it First, Get it Fast!

Richard Clebert

How do you think you did in the Spring Game?
"The first half it was kind of surprising in the way they game planned me. I was getting double teamed and triple teamed so I was a little frustrated. That was a good experience because I know that throughout the year I am gonna' be double teamed too. After the half, I came back more focused and totally destroyed whatever they were trying to do by freeing up the middle linebacker so he could do his thing. I'm not always gonna' make all the plays but at least I'm able to keep the o-linemen off the linebackers.

How was this spring different for you and the D-line?
"My attitude is way different. I've learned to fight through stuff. Coach McCarney has really brought a different attitude to the d-line and you can see it in the way we play out there. The way Woody George played tonight, even though they were down, regardless of the score, he was going 100% and that's they way we're all trying play."

Did you accomplish everything that you wanted to this spring?
"Well, I already broke all the defensive line records. I broke the 40 [yard dash] record, the 225 [lbs bench press repetition] record. In the 40, I ran a 4.89, that's the fastest time ever for any interior lineman at USF, and I did 40 reps at 225 lbs. I broke my own [USF] record. "

What do you want to work on this summer?
"Going into this summer I am also just trying to gain some weight, get up to like 315 [lbs], because right now I am about 307 now."

You were 310 lbs, didn't you drop a few pounds?
"Yeah I did, but with all of the running I've done this spring. I just have to keep the right diet."

How does your it feel to have played your last Spring Game as a Bull?
"Right now I can't really feel the effect, but I know later on in a couple of months I'll know that this was my last spring and realize I'm 0-3 in spring games."



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