USFNation Q&A with USF Shortstop Walter Diaz

USF shortstop Walter Diaz a University of Miami transfer, has stepped in as a leader and a critical part of the Bulls baseball team. Get to know a little more about this junior star from Venezuela, only on USFNation.

USFNation: So how is the season going so far?
Diaz: Well, we're starting to come together as a team now.  For a while there we were struggling a little bit, but I feel that the team chemistry is back where it's supposed to be.

USFN: How long have you been playing baseball?
Diaz: I've been playing baseball ever since I was born.  Ever since I moved to Miami from Venezuela I have been playing baseball.  So, ever since I was four or five years old.

USFN: Do you play any other sports?
Diaz: I've never played any other sports in, like a league or in school.  But I like to play all other sports.  I am very athletic.  I love all other types of sports.

USFN:  Why did you decide to transfer to USF?
Diaz: My mom and I felt that we needed to get out of Miami.  And USF just fits everything.  It is close to home.  My mom can visit me.  I love the coaches. Everything just fits.

USFN: Do you play any other positions?
Diaz: I could play any other position.  Wherever the team needs me, I'll do. 

USFN: Why do you like Shortstop?
Diaz: That's the position I have been playing since I was little. That's where I've been taught to play.  I also feel like I am in command of the infield.  I feel like I can make a lot of things happen and be a spark plug for this team.

USFN: What were your goals coming into the season?
Diaz: My number one goal is to get us to the Regionals, maybe to Omaha.  My goal is to do whatever I can to keep this team together.

USFN: What are you plans after graduation?
Diaz: I plan to hopefully play professional baseball.

USFN: Do you have any superstitions?
Diaz: I have a whole bunch.  I always bite my glove, and when I go up to the plate I talk to myself as I go up, say a little prayer every time.  I never touch the foul lines, always hop over them.  I where the same things every day:  the same wristbands, the same armbands, and the same batting gloves.  And I never wash them.

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