USFNation Q&A: Bulls Committ Andreas Shields

USFNation reported earlier that the Bulls got a commitment from Andreas Shields from Wharton High School in Tampa. In this exclusive interview find out why he chose USF, what type of a player he is, and much more. As a bonus get the scouting report on Shields from Wharton Head Coach David Mitchell. Only on! Get it First, Get it Fast


Andreas Shields




When did you actually commit to the Bulls?

"I just committed Wednesday May 9th."


What made you choose USF?

"It was my number one choice, it always has been.  They've been my favorite for three years, since I moved here from Hawaii."

What were some of the things you liked about USF?

"The coaches mainly, I met a lot of the coaches and liked all of them. Also the area, I really wanted to stay close to home and my family."


What coaches were involved mostly in your recruiting?

"Coach Scott and Coach Leavitt mostly, they been talking to me for some time Coach Leavitt is something else, he reminds a lot of  Coach Mitchell , always running around making sure everybody is doing what they're supposed to be doing, and he's a great coach. Coach Scott is a great guy too. All around, they have a great coaching staff. They all seam very real, like they not going to lie to you."


What position are the Bulls recruiting you for and do you play any other positions?

"They're recruiting me as a tight end. My sophomore I played a lot on defense, and they moved me around a lot, but I'm playing solely on offense this year as tight end and receiver. They've seen me play a lot, and I scored a touchdown in our spring game last year."


Do you know any players on the team?

"No sir, just the coaches, they've been showing me a lot of interest for the last two years.


Have you been to USF before?

"Yes sir, I‘ve been to a lot of their practices and I went to the spring game.


What other schools were recruiting you?

"I've been getting a lot of letters and stuff from different schools like the Citadel and UCF came by here. Nothing like USF though, they been here from the start. No body else has really seen me because of my injury. 


What made you decide to commit yesterday?

"I've always wanted to go to USF, ever since I got here."


When did USF actually offer you?

"Wednesday, they offered me at practice. Coach Scott came by said we want you, and want you on our team and when you're ready to commit let me just let me know. It was something that I really wanted and accepted on the spot."


Was a USF offer the one that you were looking for?

"Yes sir, any other school could have offered me, but USF was the only one that I would have committed to. If USF didn't offer, then I would've had to choose somewhere else, but this is what I wanted."


What do you think your best strengths are as a player?

"Going up field, going vertical, and catching the ball, but I can block too. That's why I play tight end, receivers score but there's little action there. I like to deliver hit on a linebacker too. I'm a lot stronger then I look, and I'll get it done on the field."


What are your height, weight, and 40 time?

"I'm 6'6 and I weight 210 pounds and run 4.7 but I'm working on getting faster.


How have you been doing in the gym this off season?

"I've been doing good, my bench is up to 225-230, my power clean is up to 235, and my squat is up to 330."


Do you play any other sports?

"Yes sir I play basketball, I play center. We went to the regional finals last year. I'm not sure what my averages are, but I can score"


What do you want to accomplish this year?

"Team wise, I want to win games and my main goal is to win districts. Personally, I want to gain some weight and to work on everything to improve my game."



Wharton Head Coach David Mitchell



"His strengths as a player are his hands and definitely his route running. He has a great pair of hands and coordination to go with it."


"Basically when Andreas came to us he had pretty decent skills, but over the years we watched him develop as an athlete and we realized we had something special here. We're looking for big things to happen for him this season. As far as his development in catching, blocking, and running routes, he tends to be getting better everyday."


"We have Andreas as tight-end, slot receiver, and wide receiver. We try and move him around. He may also be on the kick-off return, but he won't be the deep back, he'd probably be the up-back to challenge the short kicks."


"Last season he didn't have any stats because he was injured in the beginning of the season. He played some the last two games of the season but wasn't 100 percent, I'd say he was mabey around 80 percent at the time."


"He dislocated knee, but didn't require surgery. The thing that helped him out in his recovery was that he stayed with basketball and that helped him get stronger as far as rehabbing to come back for this year."


"He helps us out a lot, and is a big part of our team. I'll be honest with you when he went down last year, we were wondering where we were going to go from there. It did set us back last year, and now that he's back we're looking for very promising things to happen this year."


"Now that he's healthy we plan to use him as a blocking receiver, move him out as a wide out, and try and get the ball to him.  Also probably use him as decoy too. I'm pretty sure that once teams see film on him, they going to try and double cover him and things of that nature."

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