USF Offers Mammoth DT

The Bulls have offered a second player from Northeast High School in St. Petersburg. This time it's a 6-foot-3, 304 pound defensive tackle. Find out who it is , what type of player he is and much more. Get informed, only on!

The USF coaching staff has focused on finding local talent this year. The Bulls have already gotten commits from Andreas Shields of Wharton HS and Armando Sanchez of North East HS, but the Bulls aren't done yet. Recently the Bulls offered Sanchez's teammate and rising star Javontae Boyd of North East HS in St. Petersburg.


At 6-foot-3, 304 pounds Javontae "Shaq" Boyd is an athlete that also possesses speed.


"The combination of speed and quickness that he possesses with his size is rare." said first year Head Coach Jay Austin. "I've been coaching for 11 years and haven't seen one like him, not with his combination of size and speed."


Shaq plays a 3 technique, playing the interior tackle, and defensive end positions, and has a motor that doesn't stop. Usually a 300 pound kid plays A-gap to A-gap, but this one plays sideline to sideline.


"I don't quit, I'll run and chase people down. I don't ever give up on the play. Coach always tells us ‘Run to the ball, always run to the ball."


Jevontae played at 277 lbs last year but in the off season worked hard getting his bench up to 310, and his squat up to 400 lbs, and likes playing at the added weight.


"I'm so tall and big, and can use my arms real good and usually D-lineman aren't like that and run as fast as I do. I'm 300 pounds but you can hardly tell because I'm so tall."


On the offensive side of the ball Jevontae showed soft hands catching 14 passes for 220 yards and a touchdown playing tight end last season.


 Shaq is athletic and versatile, and also coincidentally plays center on the Vikings basketball team could play multiple positions, but schools are looking at one position mainly.


"They're all offering me as a defensive tackle."


Shaq already has an impressive list of over 20 offers including Louisville, Rutgers, South Florida, Ole Miss, South Carolina, Georgia, Okalahoma State, Michigan State to name a few. There's also been interest from Florida as well.


"There's a lot more attention this year from last year, but its all right."


This spring there has also been a plenty of visits from coaches at practice as well.


"At practice the different coaches are telling me that I'm looking good out there, and they're looking forward to me visiting there school."


Jevontae says that one school that has been showing the most interest lately is USF. 


"USF has been showing a lot of interest. And the USF head coach has been texting me a lot.


"I don't know a lot about the program, but I'm just starting to look into it now."


With all these offers and interest Shaq was reluctant to name a favorite or top five.


"No, I haven't really thought about it. Right now I'm just trying to take it all in."


What is this rising star looking for in a program?


"Academics and the schools graduation rate and how they run their program, things like that"


Shaq hasn't taken any visits yet official or unofficial, but plans on going to several camps this summer including possibly going to the Down N' Dirty Camp.


Jevontae said he didn't know when he'll make a decision on where he'll play at the next level.


 "He told me he doesn't want to think about it right now, said Coach Austin "he wants to work on getting his core GPA up, play ball and have fun his senior year."


"I've got a 3.0 GPA, and have taken the ACT, but haven't gotten my test scores back yet."


Shaq said he's concentrating on the end of school and getting ready for the Vikings spring game against George Jenkins High School Friday night.


"I want to make all the tackles in our spring game, and this summer I want to get a little faster and stronger."


Jevonte Boyd is the type of defensive tackle USF craves. He's built with size, speed and aggressiveness. This is one local talent that Jim Leavitt and The Bulls would love to keep home..



Stick with as we follow Shaq through the recruiting process, and where he decides to camp.




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