USF Chasing Versatile QB

Two weeks ago in 'Quick Hits' USFNation told you about Lincoln's B.J. Daniels, now we have a full update with the two-sport star. Find out what other offers he has, how he improved his game this spring, what he's looking for in a college and much more. Only on!

With so many offers out there to quality quarterbacks it's hard to say who is at the top of the list for South Florida. Although it's early in the recruiting process, it looks like Lincoln's B.J. Daniels is at or near the top. At 6-foot-1, 195 pounds Daniels is an elusive dual-threat QB, who also excels at another sport, basketball.

"Where ever I go I want to continue playing both sports."

Daniels plays on a traveling basketball team in the summer and one of the main cities he plays in is Tampa. The Bulls wide receivers coach Mike Canales offered him three weeks ago. The fact that Daniels frequents the Tampa area is a plus.

"With all the traveling we do down to Tampa I know the city pretty well. I like it there, I think it is a great town. I've also heard great things about the school, my good friend Keeley Dorsey went there and would always talk about the campus and the area."

Besides USF Daniels has picked up offers from Iowa State, UCF, Kentucky, Georgia Tech, Illinois, West Virginia and Minnesota. All these teams have offered him as a quarterback, but he says some schools talk about offering him as an athlete.

"I would consider the offer if it wasn't at quarterback, but as of now I'm only concentrating on getting better as a QB."

Daniels says he worked hard this spring on his leadership skills.

"Our team is young this year and I spent a lot of time trying to help the younger guys." Daniels added, "I tried leading by example. I didn't want to go out there yelling and scare them, I stayed calm and in control while bringing the younger guys along."

This will be a busy summer for the two-sport star. He plans on continuing to travel with his basketball team while attending two passing camps. One is at Georgia State and the other is a 7-on-7 tournament at the University of Georgia.

As of now Daniels does not have a top 5, but he does know what kind of school he's looking for.

"A school I can play both football and basketball at. I also want to feel at home and make sure it's a good academic school as well." will catch back up with B.J. Daniels in a few weeks and see how his summer is going and update his recruitment.

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