New Jersey Lineman Loved USF Showcase Camp

Saturday's senior showcase camp not only brought out some of the best talent in the state but also from out-of-state. Find out what New Jersey OL/DL wowed the Bulls coaching staff. Also get his thoughts on USF, his other schools of interest and much more. Only on

One of the more interesting prospects at Saturday's camp was a big OL/DL offensive/defensive lineman who flew in from New Jersey. His name is Lloyd Morrison from Bergen Catholic. Morrison, 6'3, 280 pounds is a strong kid who plays on both sides of the ball. He flew in this weekend to check out USF, give the staff a better a look at him and hopefully earn an offer.

"This is an awesome experience, I'm having a great time," said Morrison. "It gives me a chance to get experience and exposure."

How did the big man from Jersey wind up at USF's showcase in Florida over 1100 miles away?

"Coach McCarney called me and said ‘Lloyd we love you, and we like to invite you to our senior day and I think you can benefit from it. So I said alright I'm coming down, and jumped on a plane.'


The Bulls assistant head coach and defensive line coach has actually been in contact with Morrison since last year after stopping by Bergen Catholic and checking out Lloyd and another teammate, but Lloyd never had a chance to check out USF before.


"Florida is nice, everything about it. This atmosphere here is just down to earth. . Everybody is nice, I really like it."

Right now Morrison only has one offer from Wagner College, but said he has interest from UConn, Syracuse, Maryland, B.C. Michigan State, USF, and Temple which he says is close to offering, and may when he visits them next week. All though he doesn't have an USF offer it sounds like USF is a favorite.

"USF is at the top of my list after this weekend, said Morrison. "I have a lot of interest in them." Adding, "Maryland, Iowa and Temple are up there too. "But this is a beautiful place, the weather is amazing.  I lived my whole life up north, and I could see myself moving down here in a second!"

Last season Lloyd played mostly left guard and defensive tackle, but said he plays all over both lines, plays OT and this season he'll be tried at center and nose tackle as well. He has been to a lot of camps this summer but wanted to come to the USF camp to try a different style.

"In Florida, football wise everything is so fast, I got to get my speed up. I already got the strength. I bench over 300 and squat over 420, now I want to work on my speed."


Morrison said he liked everything about the weekend but said his highlight was getting to meet Coach Leavitt.

"Coach Leavitt is another reason why I like USF, The intensity he has is awesome. The way he goes through drills with the players. Other schools I've been to they have intensity, but that's usually from the assistant coaches not the head coach. You have the head coach not just going through the drills, but going through them with intensity, that really shows me something."

Lloyd plans on making a decision right before his season is over. He says he's put in the work this summer and thinks his play this fall will open some eyes come. "I'm still waiting for some things, but I'd like to decide right before the end of the season, when I can sit down with my parents and make my decision."


He carries a 3.5 GPA and scored a 940 on the SAT, and on Saturday he definitely made an impression on USF. He showed strength size, and was a good kid to talk with, now its up to the staff to decide if he fits in.


Stay informed with USFNation as we follow Lloyd through his senior season.

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