St. Augustine Stand Out DB Has USF in Top 4

The USF Senior showcase this Saturday gave the Bulls staff a chance to get a closer look at the recruits, and also provided a platform for the top athletes to impress the coaches. Read on to see what standout DB from St. Augustine improved his stock enough to earn a USF offer. Get informed with

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The USF Senior showcase hosted some of the better talent in the state and beyond this weekend. It also gave some of the prospects a chance to showcase their skills and a chance for the staff to further evaluate them.  One player they were paying extra attention to and really improved his stock was St. Augustine standout safety Carlton Lewis. Safety is a high priority for the Bulls and Lewis is an outstanding prospect with size and speed, and has all the skills to fill the need.

"I went to the USF camp Saturday and It went great. The rain dampening things a bit, but once we got started it livened up some," said Lewis. "I got to learn the different techniques they use at safety and different coverage's."

"There was a lot of talent out there. More then I expected. Being in Florida there was lot of speed out there. I went up a couple good guys, some good tight ends, but I don't their names. Overall I think I did really good."

Last season Lewis, 6'3-190 pounds had 67 tackles and 3 interceptions on defense, and also had 2 blocked punts and 1 blocked field goal on special teams. As a sophomore he had 2 interceptions returned for scores and 20 tackles in limited action. He's also versatile, athletic and was named the County's basketball player of the year.


"This year I've been training, working on my foot work and getting stronger in the weight room. Hopefully I'll at least triple my interceptions and add some more tackles this season. I'll also be playing wide receiver this year and that may help with my ball judgment playing on that side of the ball."

Lewis has an impressive list of offers including
South Carolina, Georgia Tech, Wake Forrest, Illinois, Indiana, Buffalo, and Marshall. He also has been receiving interest from Clemson and just recently received an offer from the Bulls.

"USF offered me Tuesday.  I wasn't really surprised that they offered, because they've been telling me that they wanted to, but wanted to get a good look at me."

With an impressive list of offers and schools showing interest, Lewis said he has a list of favorites.

"South Carolina, Georgia Tech, and Wake Forrest have been my top schools, but now that USF has offered they stand out to me too," said Lewis. "It's really those four schools that I'm looking at now, and they're all pretty even."

Lewis said that USF has shown been showing interest for some time but the camp gave him an opportunity to learn some more about the staff and the program.

"I got along real good with Coach Douglas. We talked a lot. He was giving me pointers on how to play defense and what kind of a safety he's looking for," said Lewis. "I also talked to Coach Leavitt a lot. He's a pretty cool guy. He was also at my spring game and told me how much he liked the way I played."

"I didn't get a chance to see the campus, but I saw the football facilities and they were real nice. Being new everything was modern and up to date."

With a full day of field work-outs, tours and activities what was Carlton's highlight?

"Going to Raymond James was one of the best things. Seeing that stadium they have and taking a tour inside of it was great. There aren't a lot of stadiums like that and being inside of it was something, I can't really explain it."

USFNation asked if the talented safety could see him playing on that field on Saturdays.

"Yeah I could see myself playing on that field. It was real nice field, very green."

The athletic defensive back said he wasn't quite ready to make a decision, but knows what he's looking for in a program.

"I'm looking for a place with a tight nit coaching staff, very nice facilities, and a good program," said Lewis. "Playing time isn't that important in a way it does and in a way it doesn't because you don't know what could happen when you go there."

As for the rest of the summer, Lewis doesn't have a schedule set but has an idea of where he will be taking visits too.

‘I haven't taking any official visits yet, but I'm setting up one with Illinois sometime this month. I'd also like to set up visits with SC and GT because I only got to see the football facilities and would like to see the campuses, said Lewis. "USF didn't talk to me about setting up a visit, but if they want me to, I'll go. Also Clemson has been talking to me so if they want me to I'd like to see that school too."

Lewis doesn't have a timetable set on his decision, but indicated that he'd like to follow the trend and decide early.

"I'm probably after I see a couple of schools again and make sure that's where I want to go and also see how their recruiting goes and who they get before I make my decision. I don't know when, but hopefully I'll make my decision before September and the season gets in full swing."

Lewis is an outstanding DB prospect that has everything the Bulls are looking for in a top safety prospect. He has the size, the skills and speed to spare,
He also has great awareness and doesn't shy away from contact either, and would be a great addition to the Bulls defensive backfield.


Stay informed with USFNation, and we'll be sure to keep you updated on any developments with outstanding prospect Carlton Lewis.

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