USF '07 Summer Practice: RB Ben Williams Q&A

There's been a lot of talk about other backs this summer, but USF RB Ben Williams has more career starts and game experience then all the other backs on the Bulls roster combined. Read on to find out his thoughts on Jamar Taylor & Mike Ford, what gains he made this off-season & what his goals are for the rest of the summer practice. Only on Get it First Get it fast! How much competition is there at RB this year?
Ben Williams: A lot... there's like 11 players out there altogether.

USFN: Has it always been like this for you or have you always had to compete
for your spot?
BW: Throughout most of my life, I have. But competition is normal when you come and play for USF... You gotta compete... get better.

USFN: Out of the new guys, who's been coming to you for guidance and advice as a veteran member of the squad? And who's improving the most out of the new guys?
BW: Everybody's moving at a pretty good pace. Everyone comes to the meetings. So far they just come to me and ask when they need help. I don't mind helping.

USFN: How much were you weighing at the Bowl? And what is  your ideal weight?
BW: I think I was 186 and 5'7. I like to play at like 200.

USFN: Where are you now in terms of weight and height?
BW: Right now I'm still 5'7 (laughing). I'm at around 200.

USFN: First week of Practice, What's the rustiest part of your game?
BW: I just like to work on my balance and flexibility.

USFN: Would you like to be more of a receiving threat this year?
BW: Any way my team can use me. That's the way I'm trying to be.
Receiving, Running, Blocking, It doesn't matter.

USFN: From your position, what's our strongest position this year?
BW: Right now the team looks pretty good. The whole team is doing pretty good.

USFN: Is this the best team we've had to date?
BW: Yes, No question.

USFN: Mike Ford has gotten a lot of hype this year, do you see the talent?
BW: Yeah, Mike Ford is good. He's big. He has some weight, speed...

What about Jamar Taylor?
BW: He came in not too long ago, you know... He's learning quickly. He's
going strong and moving pretty good.

Here's a side Note for NCAA '08 Fans.

USFN: How did you feel about the game's depth chart?
BW: Man, they didn't even try to research us, I was really disappointed.

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