USF '07 Summer Practice: DE George Selvie Q&A

George Selvie had a break out year as a freshman, being named a Sporting News All-American, to the BIG EAST All-freshmen team, and the Bulls are counting on Selvie to be an impact again this year. We caught up with George and talked to him about what he's worked on to get better, advice for the younger guys, and what the fans have to be excited about in the upcoming season. Only on

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After the break out season USF had, what do USF fans have to be excited about in the upcoming season?

Selvie: Fans can look forward to an exciting season. Our offense is better. We have an experienced quarterback. Our whole offensive line is coming back with talent. We have running backs that can pound the ball... The defense can swarm to the ball. We're gonna take the Big East for a run.


USFN: What are you doing as far as routine and preparation to get yourself ready for the season?

Selvie: I come out here and practice to the best of my ability every day...


USFN: What size did you play at last year and what is your ideal size?

Selvie: Last year I lost too much weight but, you know, I'm bringing it back up this year. I want to be at least 250.


USFN: What do you think is the most powerful position at USF this year?

Selvie: I'm gonna have to say defensive line. We have to make pressure and get in the backfield.


USFN: What are the things you are working on the most in practice?

Selvie: I'm working hard on my speed rush cuts, rush moves. Things I didn't know last year like counter moves. I want to see what works best for me.


USFN: What advice can you give younger defensive ends to improve their defensive speed?

Selvie: I worked hard all summer, everyday. I believe that's what makes me fast. I'm in better shape with more weight. Work hard at weight training. I feel like I got faster running hard full-out speed. That's the advice I'd give.


USFN: For our high school readers and future Bulls, what makes a successful transition from the high school level to the college level for a D1 athlete?

Selvie: It was hard for me transitioning. I say a prayer every day. It's hard coming into something this big from high school. I was 7 hours away. I'd say work hard and focus.


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