USF Summer Practice: FREE Photo Gallery

Inside this FREE photo gallery are pictures of Marc Dile, Walter Walker, Matt Huners, Freshmen Thomas Edenfield and more, plus action shots from board drills. Only on -- Get it First, Get it Fast!

Head Coach Jim Leavitt

Coach Canales

Chaz Hine, Jacob Griffin, Thomas Edenfield, Nick Capogna

Marc Dile

Marc Dile, Jared Carnes & Matt Huners

Walter Walker

Jared Carnes

Thomas Edenfield & Coach Scott

Jake Griffin & Chaz Hine

Jacob Simms & Thomas Edenfield

Ben Busbee & Ben Moffitt

Sam Miller & Andrew Ketchell

Danny Tolley & Jarriet Buie

Coach Leavitt

Jared Carnes & Woody George

Ben Busbee & Ben Moffitt

Danny Tolley & Jarriet Buie

Sampson Genus & George Selvie

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