Sinclair Weighs New Options

One of the elite players from the '07 signing class, Charlton Sinclair updates USFNation on why he is not in camp and when he plans on getting to Tampa. Read on for the exclusive interview.

The good news that Charlton Sinclair thought he had received is currently on hold. Three weeks ago, an eager Sinclair told USFNation that he got an A in the science class that he needed to pass in order to be eligible. Now he is waiting to hear if the clearing house will recognize the school where he took the class.

"Everything is going good, but I'm still waiting on the clearinghouse." Sinclair added, "That class that I took over the summer was at a school that they weren't familiar with and are still looking into it, otherwise I'd be on campus already."

With these new circumstances Sinclair has now been looking at alternative options. What looked like a sure entry into USF a few weeks ago has now changed into uncertainty.

"If it takes too long or they don't accept it, I have several options, either I could go to JUCO, go to prep school or come in as a grey shirt. Right now I'm planning on coming in as a grey shirt."

Coming in as a Grey shirt would mean Sinclair would enter school in January and still have 4 years of eligibility left, PLUS his redshirt is available if he wants it. He would also be allowed to participate in spring practice in 2008.

For now Sinclair says that he is banking on getting cleared by the NCAA. Even if he doesn't Sinclair is staying positive.

"I plan on moving to Tampa in the next few weeks and get a job on campus until I get cleared and accepted." Adding, "It's unfortunate that I'm not there now, but I can't focus on the negative. If I came in now I'd probably redshirt, so it's all good and I'll be there soon."

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