USF '07 Summer Practice: LB Ben Moffitt Q&A

Senior linebacker Ben Moffitt is the anchor in the middle for the Bulls. With 231 career tackles, the Bulls are counting on him to be a force again this year. We caught up with Ben and talked to him about what it's like to play for Wally Burnham, why the Bulls have had such great LB's, and what the fans have to be excited about in the upcoming season. Only on

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You had a great year last year, what do fans have to look forward to this year?

"Hopefully a good year. I've been working hard. Getting a lot of plays put together. We have a whole other week-and-a-half worth of camp. We still have a lot of continuity to put together. Hopefully we'll have great things from everyone."

From the team as a whole, what can fans expect?

"There are a couple of new faces here on offense and defense. But it's the same ol' Hard-working Bulls team. We're all out there grinding it out and trying to get the championship."

What is it like to play for Coach Wally Burnham?

"He's an amazing coach. He's the reason we have such a great Linebacker squad year-in year-out, and some great leadership at Linebacker."

Why do you think Burnham and Leavitt are able to bring such great linebackers to USF?

"It's Florida, Athletes grow on trees down here. It's a rich place to play in. For me, meeting Coach Burnham... he was just so real. I met him in high school and he's been the same every year. No stories, straight up the whole time. He has a real attitude about him. It helped my decision."

How does it feel to be mentioned in the same breath as Kawika Mitchell and Stephen Nicholas going into the season?

"It's pretty neat... I remember watching Kawika when I was in High School and they played Oklahoma. He hit the A-Gap and crushed the running back. I knew I wanted to be a part of that and I knew my freshman year, even as a redhirt, that I needed to work hard and wanted to be a part of this tradition."

How much do you weigh now and what weight do you play at?

"I'm 240 now and about where I want to be. It's where I played last year. It's a good weight for me."

How does it feel to be a college athlete and such a well-respected a family man?

"My wife and kids, I love them. They're missing me right now in two-a-days. I love to see them. I appreciate them and all they do for me."

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