Coach Gregory Breaks Down the Offense

The Bulls held their first scrimmage Saturday and USf offensive coordinator Coach Gregory tells USFNation his thoughts after two weeks of summer practice. Also where the depth chart stands, what freshmen are looking good, and what area's need improvement and more. Only on -- Get it First, Get it Fast!

Is there anything that you're able to tell us about this year's offense from the first scrimmage?


We've got to be able to run the football. We can't be a one-dimensional football team.


Out of the running backs, does anyone stand out to you?


We didn't do the job running the football, for whatever reason. It's hard for me to say how long it will take but we weren't good enough running the football.


Where there any touchdowns or big plays?


I don't know... We really didn't have any big plays. A couple of scrambles, a couple of throws, first downs when we got in the 20. That's all. Nothing jumped out as a great play.


How would you say the depth chart looks like on Offense?


Based on today's performance I would say it's very much in the air. We'll see how guys play... See how we gotta shufffle 'em and what we gotta do. I'm just glad we got 2 more weeks.


It sounds like you expected a lot more out of them.


Yeah... I always expect more out of them. The things that were dissapointing were the major mistakes. It's hard to tell if you can move the ball when you have penalties on short yardage that knock you out of short and put you 3rd and long... going from 3rd and 1 to 3rd and 6...

We had 2 turnovers down in the red zone. Penalties in bad situations, turnovers. You don't know whether had you held on to the ball 2 times down there, Have you not jumped offsides maybe things turn out differently and keep drives going. When you're struggling, you cannot have those mistakes. We are really struggling because the defense is outplaying us. You cant just give it to them.


Have you noticed a single area that needs improvement in particular?


I won't even get into that or confront anybody until I see the tapes. I can see turnovers, personal fouls, I can see getting stopped in the red zone. I can see those things. As far as running the ball, proper checks... You can't really tell without seeing the tape.


Coach Leavitt mentioned Sampson Genus on the Line, Are there any other freshman that you're looking at immediately?


He's the one freshman.. I mean, do you consider Mike Ford a freshman, Aston Samuels a freshman?... I think the Bogan kid may have made a bit of a jump today. We don't know... He made a nice touchdown on a fade on a really good corner. He'd get a little bit of a look if he did well in the scrimmage. We don't know wether he can make it or not. We gotta find a couple 'more receivers to become our number two receivers.


Last year we had an Ace Spread offense. This year is rumored to be different. Is there a particular name you've given to the new offense?


We haven't changed a thing. It's the exact same offense... Almost identical (smiling).

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