USF '07 Summer Practice: LB Donte Spires Q&A

Donte Spires is one of the new-comers who is expected to make an instant impact with the Bulls. caught up with Donte and talked to him about finally being at USF, the competition at linebacker and much more! Only on

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What does it mean to you to play the linebacker position?


"It's very special to play linebacker, it's a very important position, you have to be sharp, very sharp, and the defense revolves around the linebacker position."


What type of a player do you consider yourself?


"I play very physical, aggressive and fast, and I hope in time to become a leader on this team."


Do you like playing outside linebacker?


"I'm very comfortable at outside linebacker. I've been playing outside linebacker since high school and am very familiar with it. You have to be fast and physical to play on the outside and that's what I'm about."


How's it feel to finally be here practicing at USF?


"It feels great, it took me a bit longer, but now everything's good and it feels real good to be here, I love the school, the weather and am ready to make a contribution and an impact o this team."


What is the difference that you notice between USF and how it was at Pearl River?


"The thing that you first notice is that it's much faster out here. In junior college we had a lot of athletes, but its nothing like this. Everything is at a much faster pace, but I like it."


How do you think you've done so far in practice?


"I think I've done okay, but I got a lot of improvement to do, a lot more. I want to become a better leader, be sharper, and be a better linebacker, the best I can be, and help the team."


How do you feel about the depth at linebacker?


"It's deep, but I'm a competitor so I'm used to the challenge. There are a lot of linebackers here but its good, everybody's competing and then the best linebackers are going to be on the field."


What do you want to work on the rest of the summer?


"I want to work on my speed, study more and get to know the plays better. I've learned a lot already, but have more to go."

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