Coach Gregory Comments On Bulls 2nd Scrimmage

The Bulls held the team's second scrimmage Wednesday and USF offensive coordinator Coach Gregory tells USFNation his thoughts after practice. Read how the quarterbacks fared without Grothe and when he'll return, how the O-line has progressed, what RB's looked good and more. Only on -- Get it First, Get it Fast!

Offensive coordinator Greg Gregory


How did the Offense look today?


"We did some good things and some bad things. it's hard to tell, because even though it's a scrimmage situation and you want to move the ball. There are certain plays that we want to make sure we look at, that you may or may not call in a game in that situation. We ran a reverse just so we can get it on tape.


"We scored twice out of five series. So we did a little better moving the ball today. We hit some passes and the backs ran hard, but we still got a long way to go and I'm glad we're not playing this Saturday, I tell you that. We're getting better but still have a ways to go"


Who scored for the offense?


"The first score Aston Samuels scored on an inside run and the second Cedric Hill caught a pass from Grant (Gregory) from about the 10or 12 yard line."


How did Grant Gregory and the other QB's look today?


"I think he looked pretty good. I'm happy with him. I thought Severino looked good with the other group and I feel very solid at quarterback. The one thing I like about all three of our QB's, we really do have a number one, two and a three, but we don't have to change our offense if any one of them plays. All of them have movement skills and that's a big thing with our offense. I'm pleased there, I'm very pleased at quarterback, I think that is one of our strengths of this football team on the offensive side o the ball."


Is Carlton Hill in the mix at quarterback?


"He just moved there today. He doesn't know a play yet. Right now he's number four on the depth chart and we'll try to get him stabilized at the position and learn some plays. It'll be hard for him to get a lot of work at this point with Matt and Grant. Realistically from this point on Matt will get 60-65 percent of the work and Grant will get 35-40 percent and that's just the way you go. You can't rep more then two guys when you're in a season. So Carlton will have to get most of his work in individual drills and he'll have to pick it up, and we'll see how he progresses."


On the status of Matt Grothe:


"Nothing has changed from this morning. He'll be back tomorrow, Friday or Monday, one of the three. We'll see, he might be back by Monday for sure, maybe sooner than that, we're just not taking any chances."


On the specifics of Grothe's injury:


"I don't know, you'll have to talk to the doctors about that. I have no idea, I just look at the injury report and it say's hold him out today, and that's what I do."


If you guys had to play tomorrow would Matt play?


"I would expect him to play if we had to. I've been there and guys get little tweaks and its amazing what game day medication does. You see a lot of guys that are banged up heal up real fast when game week rolls around.



Are any of the running backs starting to pull away from the pack?


"I don't know if any are pulling away, but all are playing better. We got some hard running talent and I think we're better at the running back overall. I think our starter Ben Williams is probably on the offensive side of the ball is our toughest football player. Without a doubt Ben Williams is our toughest football player on the offensive side of the ball, he's dependable and reliable and we know what we're going to get with him. The others have to keep pushing and they're all getting better. Mike Ford had a couple of hard runs out here tonight. I thought all our backs did. Jamar Taylor, Aston Samuels, and Freshmen Tyson Butler and Richard Kelly all had good hard runs. We'll let them all play and Coach Franks will sort them all out.


How did the offensive line look tonight?


"I won't know until I watch the tape. You can't ever tell until you watch film. You really can't. We still have a ways to go overall and we just have to keep working. We got some guys back today, but I'm not sure how much they played, I don't know how much (Marc) Dile played tonight, I know (Walter) Walker didn't play. So we're playing (Jacob) Simms who is playing for the first time and Jared Carnes who played a couple games last year. I think Nick (Capogna) played, Jake (Griffin), Sampson Genus, but might have came out for a bit, but I won't know until I watch the tape o the O-line. It's impossible to know what they looked like while I'm standing on the sidelines."



How do you feel now compared to Saturday's scrimmage?


"We got a little better this week. It's like I told them, the whole key to our football team is to improve daily. That's what happened to us last year, if you remember we were a pretty bad offensive football team early in the season last year. Now it's important that we improve faster this year because of a schedule standpoint everything hits us in the face faster.


Were some of the mistakes that were made Saturday reduced tonight?


"Yeah, we didn't turn the ball over in the red zone which is really important. I think we only had one penalty and didn't call one holding. We're better from that standpoint, but we still got a long way's to go, and I mean a long ways. We're not even close as an offense to where we need to be. I know that, the players know that, and we just have to keep working that's all we can do."


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