USF Football Players "All About Team Bonding"

The Bulls Fan Fest 2007 was a huge success, with over 2,0000 in attendance. USNation asked several Bulls their thoughts on the difference in the team this year, the increased fan support, and their expectations for the season. Only on

After the Bulls Fan Fest 2007 and the first game less then a week away, USNation asked several Bulls their thoughts on the difference in the team this year, the increased fan support, and their expectations for the season

Jerome Murphy - Safety

"This is really great, it's the biggest Fan Day turnout since I've been here for sure, usually its' about a hundred people, this looks like its way over a thousand."

"We're always working hard, but this year the team is stronger, and everybody is bonded together. Everybody knows everybody's name. There are no outcasts or anything. We're all cool. We live together, eat together, work hard and have fun.  When I first got here three years ago it was like everybody didn't communicate as much but now the coaches really stress that. We have the big brother program and stuff, so everyday your learning something about somebody that you didn't know before, and it's made us closer as a team."

"We have high expectations and aim to win the BIG EAST, but just like Coach Leavitt say's, take it one game at a time."


Chris Robinson - Linebacker

"This is a huge difference from my freshmen year to now. We had about 100 people, but this is unbelievable how many people are here, it's really great to see the fans come out."

"The biggest difference in the team is the camaraderie. There's more togetherness now, a lot more. We've been doing a lot of bonding, a whole lot of team bonding. They made us spend more time together and that should translate to the field. I feel that we're really becoming more then a team, but also a family now."

"We hope to play every game hard, and hopefully the last game decides us winning the BIG EAST title."


Nick Capogna - Center

"The fan turn out today is really impressive. This is the most people I've seen in my time here.  The biggest difference from my freshmen year was that I used to have to walk up to people and ask if they want my autograph, now they come up to me."

"The team has really emphasized on coming together and being more as a family this year, not just individual units but the whole team."

"The fans have high expectations and we have very high expectations this year, that's why we work so hard getting ready, we don't practice to lose."


Donte Spires – Linebacker

"This is really something, there are a lot of people here, I didn't expect for it to be like this. I was already excited for the season but it's good to see all the fans."


"The team has really been working hard, and everybody helps everybody. I feel like I've been part of the team for a lot longer then I have. They make me feel like family."

"I'm excited for the season to start, win some games and hopefully a BIG EAST championship."


Patrick Richardson - Freshmen Receiver

"The team, we're all becoming really close together. We just came in but we all mesh so well, the whole team accepted us and treated us like brothers, from the get go and we're already like family.'

"The first camp has been hard. Coming in as a freshman there was a lot getting used to, and get in to the flow of things. The hardest drill had to be the 300 shuttle that we ran. Oh man, that was probably the roughest thing. Not only were you tired at that moment, but you were tired a day later, two days later I still felt it from that one shuttle."

"I'm glad the two a days are over, but mostly glad because I know I can get through it, everything that we've done, all the times being tired, al the hard work, it's rewarding."

Richard Kelly - Freshmen Fullback

"This atmosphere with all these fans is amazing. The big crowd gets me pumped up for the season to start. I really can't wait."

"Everything has been about togetherness as a team, from the players to the coaches, everybody here is like a family."

"My first camp with USF was real hard. High school is tough but nothing like college. The hardest thing for me was getting up at 5:00 in the morning. Usually I get up between 8:00-9:00, now I'm up at five either running or lifting weights."

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