USF Football Press Conference Quotes: 8/28/07

Head Coach Jim Leavitt talks about the state of the program, getting the team ready for the season opener against Elon, how he keeps the Bulls from looking ahead to Auburn, and more. Plus player quotes from USF's weekly football Press conference Tuesday August 28, 2007.

Weekly Press Conference 

USF head coach Jim Leavitt (Quotes)
Opening comments...

"Well it's good to get this started again. Obviously this time of year my voice is pretty well shot, I don't know if it happened when I turned 50, I don't know exactly why, but please bear with me."

"Camp has been like most camps are, most coaches this time of year are ready to get started and want to play a game, tired of practicing, we're just like players, we need to play and see what kind of football team we are and evaluate the kind of work we've done since last football season."

On Jamar Taylor...
"We did get some good news today Jamar Taylor, running back transfer Alabama, did a get a waiver, he will be able to play and you'll see him play Saturday night."

On Elon...
"They're going with a freshman quarterback that truly reminds me of Matt Grothe."

On the state of his program...
"In the summer, I think back and I'm proud of the community, the City of Tampa, and the Tampa Bay area, and all the people that have helped us have a football team."

"What means the most to me is when I see players come back and they have a job, and they're doing well, and I see lives change."

On Jerrell Young...
"Jerrell Young will run around there, doesn't know where he's going doesn't know exactly how to put the pads on right yet, but he'll run somewhere hard, and he'll do something in the secondary."

On how he keep his team from looking ahead to Auburn...
"Because when you get distracted, when you're not focused that's the easiest way to get beat. And our guys are very focused.

"Hopefully by the end of the night, we'll have one more point than they do.

"One of our biggest goals is FOCUS, we got classes that start this week, they're having to get assignments done, every player is different, just have to do every thing you can to help them stay focused. We play every game like it's our last, because you take every day that way.

"It's a one game season, and Elon is it."

Player Quotes

Sophomore DE George Selvie
On the defensive line's goals for this season...
"We always try to get the best out of each other.

"We want more big plays, we want touchdowns, everybody want touchdowns, we want turnovers, sacks, we want to be the best d-line in the big east."

Senior WR Amarri Jackson
On the state of team...
"We're basically tired of practicing against each other, scrimmaging against each other, we're ready to play another team."

"We try to go out there and simulate game day situations just playing around, but we can't because we don't see the other team's colors."

Senior LB Ben Moffitt
On the linebackers...
"I think this and last year, has been the most depth we've had at linebacker, we got pretty good depth

"The difference between this year and last year is different faces, different names, still great guys either way, great guys that want to work hard.

"A little bit different style, different player, different athlete."

On being named to Butkus Award watch list...
"It is nice, but I don't have time to pay attention to that stuff. I'm worried about the first day of school and preparing for Elon and just getting better as a defense.  We have championship goals this season and we don't want anything to distratct us from that.


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