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With the Bulls season opener only a few days away, we got a chance to talk with DE George Selvie who had a break out year as a freshman, being named a Sporting News All-American, and to the BIG EAST All-freshmen team. Read on to get his thoughts on what to expect from this years team, the defense, the offense line, preparing for Elon, and more. Only on Get it First, Get it Fast!

George Selvie


What do you see from this year's team heading into the season opener?


"This season I see good things happening. We have basically our whole team coming back minus a few linebackers and a few receivers, but we got people that can fill in and play, that can step it up and play those positions."


What's the main difference that you see in the team this season?


"This year everybody is more focused. Everybody is ready to play and believe that we can do good things. The last two years we beat Louisville, we beat West Virginia and we know that we can continue to win with those guys, so we plan on hoping on them early."


How has the team worked on cohesiveness this off-season?


We got together a lot this year. We had barbeques, and eat outs. People got together, especially people that didn't really know each other. You got leaders like Ben Moffit , Trae Williams and all the seniors, they got a little group going that helps the team and sets guidelines for what they want the team to be like and really made the whole team close."


Now that you have some time together, what do you see from the D-line this year?


"We all got closer over the spring and summer, everybody has been working out where Allen Cray, Aaron Harris, Richard Clebert, so I feel that we have a real good connection. We have fun out there and we got a new coach Dan McCarney who is a real good coach so we've been putting some things together and should have a strong D-line this season."


What has Coach McCarney brought to the defensive line this year?


"Coach McCarney he teaches and coaches us that if your doing bad, he's going to let us know. He's a straight up guy, but he also has fun with us. So if you're doing bad he'll get on us and you'll know it, but if you're doing good he'll tell us that we're doing good and build us up. He's a real great coach."


Since you go against the O-line all summer how do they look this year?


"The offensive line is looking real good this year, Marc Dile, Walter Walker, We got Nick Capogna and the rest of the guys, there all looking good returning from last year and are getting better every day. I work against Dile every day on 1 on 1 pass rush and we work each other real hard. He beats me and I beat him, but we know we got to line up again and do the same thing and try to get a win."


Do you and Marc Dile have a friendly competition going?


"Yea we always try to get the best out of each other, because we have to push each other on that level, 1's against 1's, that's what will be going against and we got to be our best during the games so we have to get after each other everyday in practice."


Do you guys keep a running tally during practice?


"I don't, but Coach McCarney is big on 1 on 1 pass rush, so he keeps the totals.


Who has led in Sacks over the summer?


"I think Richard Clebert might be the leader in sacks, I'm probably like 5th or something but it's all okay."


Last year you and Chris Robinson had a little sack competition going on, is it on again this year?

"Yeah we had it last year and I lost, oh well he's a good pass rusher,  but he also said he's going to have more then me again this year. Now Richard Clebert has jumped in on it so we'll have even more competition this year. That pushes all of us to higher levels so I think all will go well this year."


How have the freshmen on the D-line looked to you?


"I watch them and they're looking good. They not ready yet, but give them some time, they got a lot of talent."


Not counting yourself, who will be the biggest surprise this year?


"I might have to go with Aaron Harris. He's gained some weight and plays hard so I think he'll be a good surprise. Nobody really knows him yet, but he's going to burst out there."


How have the all the different running backs on the roster looked to you this year?


"All of the running backs are great, and we got a whole bunch of them. We got Ben (Williams), we got Aston Samuels a young quick one, we got Taylor (Jamar), we got Moises Plancher coming back and he has looked great out there. We got Mike Ford who is a big back. All of them have looked really good to me."


What are looking to accomplish this season?


"We want more big plays. We want more touchdowns, everybody wants touchdowns and more turnovers, sacks, everything. We want to be the best D-line in the BIG EAST."


What are you guys looking at when you're preparing for Elon this week?


"We're looking to play well. They got a good team and a very good offensive line that stands in the two-point. They got a new quarterback that they say is mobile, we haven't watched him because he's a true freshman and a good scheme going on and like to spread people out. So we're looking to swarm to the ball and punish them."


After lining up against each other for so long, how ready are you to go against a different team?


"I'm just anxious to hit somebody else. I get tired of going against our offense everyday. We know what each other is going to do. We know how each other play, so we are all ready to get after somebody else."


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