USF Football Press Conference Quotes: 9/04/07

Head Coach Jim Leavitt talks about the Bulls 28-13 opening win against Elon, the players performance, getting the Bulls ready for the trip to Auburn, steppin it up for the big game and more. Plus quotes from DE George Selvie & QB Matt Grothe at USF's weekly football Press conference Tuesday September 04, 2007., Get it First, Get it Fast!

Weekly Press Conference 8/04/07

USF head coach Jim Leavitt (Quotes)


Opening comments

"It was a good win; any win is a good win. Hopefully you're going to get better, and you're not going to stay the same through the season."


On Auburn

"Auburn's a good football team; you can come up and share about them as much as I can."


"They're big, they're physical, they can run, they can throw, they got big receivers, big line, good quarterback, tremendous running attack, physical tight ends, defense that's very big and strong, front four, linebackers absolutely fly, outstanding secondary, good kicking, its all there. That's why they're rated as high as they are in the country."


On the atmosphere around the game

"To play in the football atmosphere that we're going to play in on Saturday night, is what I got excited about when I played"


On freshmen that contributed

"Dontavia Bogan did a pretty good job last week, Terrel McClain will get a couple more reps, have to look at him."


On center Nick Capogna

"Nick Capogna is not going to play this week."


On Tyrone McKenzie

"Tyrone made a lot of plays, he does that because he works so hard, and he's so focused."


On Mike Ford

"I thought he did some good things, he's a big back, he can run, and we got to get the ball in his hands."


On dropped punts by Amarri and Jessie

"I think you're going to come out and find them a lot more focused."


On the Elon game

"Some individual effort was outstanding; our defense for the most part really played well, special teams I was mostly frustrated with."


"We have to play great defense, great special teams, and we got a shot to win the ball game."


On George Selvie's Impact

"I thought he would be a good player, he would do some things for us, but why he's such a good player, he has such a good heart, and he coaches himself."


"I love these players, they mean a lot to me every one of them, and George is no different."


On stepping up in the big game

"If you're competitive you look forward to these kinds of situations (i.e. Auburn)"


(Referring to comment about Bulls playing well in big games)

"Maybe they want to just bow up and see what happens.


"Its Auburn, it's the war eagle, it's the tiger, how many teams you know that good that have two logos, that's power.


"If you play well you have a chance to win ball games, if you don't play well then you don't have a chance. We have to play good focused football."


On the RB situation

"It's a long season, we played one football game (against Elon) we're playing four or five guys right now and it'll stay that way for a while."


On Courtney Denson

"He did some good things. It means a lot to Courtney, he already has his degree. He is a senior, they are no more chances for him.  This is it."


On playing in a hostile environment

"What can you do, everybody says get crown noise in there. I don't know if we have big enough speakers! Plus I hate it.  It gives me a headache and then I wake up with a headache the next day too."



George Selvie Quotes:


On starting the season on a good note

"I was kind of nervous my first year, and I started off slow, but this year I wanted to carry over from last year."

On the difference between last year and this year

"I'm more experienced, I use to get nervous before every game and had to calm down, but now I'm comfortable with it and I just go out and play the game."


"This summer I worked hard on trying to gain weight and work on my speed."


"I think our offense will show up, they're going to come out strong, they know how bad we need this game, this is the biggest game of our life right now and our offense is going to step up and the defense too."


On possibly winning against Auburn

"It could be huge for the program, a win against a SEC team, and they're ranked right now, so it could be huge."




Matt Grothe Quotes

"I'm excited, everybody else is too, its going to be fun, and I'm looking forward to this Saturday."


On dealing with the noise

"Score early, make some big plays early and the crowd doesn't want to get into the game as much."


On difference between Elon vs. Auburn

"Its Auburn, the only team that beat the National Champions…Florida"


"Its one of those games that you always dream about when you're a kid, now I get the chance to see if we can go up there and put together a win."


On his parents support

"My dad always told me that I can do whatever I put my mind to. Him and my mom were both a big support and they still are now."


His thoughts on preparations

"Normally when we practice well, we do well, so if we keep having good practices we'll do well."


On beating Auburn on his birthday

"It's on my birthday, so it would be kind of a nice birthday gift for me, its going to be real exciting, real fun."



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