USFNation Q&A: Bulls LB Brouce Mompremier

The Bulls are coming off an amazing 26-23 overtime win at Auburn, and we got a chance to talk with USF's leading tackler, linebacker Brouce Mompremier. Read on to get his thoughts on what it was like to play at Auburn, how it feels to finally start, and more. Only on Get it First, Get it Fast!

How does it feel to finally get the starting nod at linebacker?


"It feels good... You know, in high school I had so many accolades, that it's hard for a good player to sit on the bench. I sat on the bench for a long time and I was getting antsy. It feels good to be out there."


How did it feel to play in front of such a large crowd (Auburn)?


"I loved it. The whole team got to showcase their talent. It was good for me. I love when the crowd gets all loud and stuff. I mean, it doesn't get too loud when you're on defense because the crowd is trying to be quiet for their offense. Auburn is a great environment. I knew when I walked out and saw so many people it was going to be fun." 


Coming out of High School, Were you drawn to USF in any way because they played against Auburn this year?


"I didn't even know we were gonna play Auburn. When I came on my visit I just really liked Tampa. It's a lot like Miami but a whole lot nicer. That's what I love about it. I could see myself staying here after college. I want to make a life here."


What are you majoring in?


"Criminology. I want to work for the Police department or Fire department. I'm not even sure yet though. I'm trying to figure that out."


What are your personal goals while playing for USF?


"I want to help USF win a Big East championship. That's all I want. Everything else will fall in place."


What do you think our chances are?


"They're good. If we continue to work hard and improve every game we have a real shot."


What is your ideal playing size at your position?


"I'm at 226 and I want to be around 230."


Many people talk about USF playing with swagger like Miami used to, and I figured you being from Miami would be the perfect person to ask. Are we playing with more swagger?


"I don't know if it's a swagger or confidence. A lot of people have been trying to sleep on us. I hope they continue to sleep on us so we can take them by surprise. We just try to go out there and win and make a name for ourselves."


So are there any rituals you guys do pre-game to get pumped?


"Usually the defense goes into the lockers and we all tell each other how we're ready to fight for one another."


Any final words?


"I hope people don't worry about USF and aren't prepared and if they are, we'll still be working hard to surprise them."

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