USFNation Q&A: Bulls WR Jessie Hester Jr.

One week after he Bulls stunning 26-23 OT win at Auburn, the Bulls earned the programs 1st top 25 ranking. We got a chance to talk with USF wide receiver Jessie Hester Jr. Read on to get his thoughts on Auburn, making the winning catch, what memories he'll always have, and more. Only on Get it First, Get it Fast!

Jessie Hester Jr.


Coach Canales talks about this; do you guys think you brought the "juice" to Jordan-Hare?

"[Laughs] We brought the juice. Coach Canales expects so much of us and we respect him so much as a coach, there is no reason why we shouldn't go out there and lay it all on the line anyway."


It seems like every week someone one new is stepping up in the receiving unit, I know Coach Canales said he doesn't want just one player to be the best but he wants the best unit. Can you comment on that?

"He wants all of us to be great players; he wants all of us to be big time receivers and we have players that can do that and come out and make an impact every game."


That was kind of a roller coaster game for you guys but you still had that swagger when you guys were out there; where did that come from?

"Well, that comes from the coaches. The coaches tell us that if you play your game there is nobody you can't beat. We believe that, they said if you believe in the game plan you're gonna' step to it."


Do you guys as a team think you can hang with anybody?

"Of course, if we play our best game there is no reason why we can't come home with the win. If we play good football with no turnovers and do exactly what we're coached to do there shouldn't be any problems."

How are you related to Devin Hester of the Chicago Bears?

"The say around town is his father's grandfather and my father's grandfather [are related]. Its never been proven but I'm going off what my family members say and what his family members say. "


The Hester name is a big name in football, is there any pressure for you to go out there and perform?

"Not really, just a little bit, every time I go out there I try to make them proud anyways. There is not really a lot of pressure. I just try to go out there and play the best I can every game."


Weren't you recruited by the University of Miami? Why did you choose South Florida?

"Actually, I got a scholarship from Miami and all of the big schools but once I got hurt, I broke my foot my junior year and all of my scholarships went away. South Florida was the only team that stuck by me, so I'm lucky for that."

Describe what the atmosphere was like walking up to Jordan-Hare stadium with all the fans in orange.

"Oh it was great, especially when we were getting booed. I think that's the best feeling when you go to someone else's stadium and they are booing you. That really pumped me up."


What went through your mind on the winning touchdown play?
"On that play, I got past the defenders and saw the ball in the air, and thought just catch the ball. After the score I was like Thank God it's over! After that I ran around the field, and celebrated with my teammates, and then went into the locker room"

After the game what did you do?

"I just celebrated with my teammates in the locker room and then got into the shower and I was ready to leave. I really didn't do much. After I scored, I ran around, celebrated with the team and went into the locker room. I really haven't done much; I haven't really went out and celebrated."

What's the most memorable experience from the trip to Auburn?

"The look on Coach Leavitt's face after we won, seeing how happy [Matt] Grothe was winning the game on his birthday, seeing how excited our fans were and the look on the faces' of the Auburn fans after we won.  I'll never forget their faces. It was a great ride home!"


After a big win like that, how long do you relish the win before putting it away and start to prepare for the next game?

"Actually its gone, one day and then we started getting ready for North Carolina.


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