OT Greg Shaw Sets Official Visit With USF

The Bulls are using the momentum from the Auburn win to open the eyes of top prospects. Greg Shaw tells USFNation that he will be taking an official visit to Tampa. Find out why he says it's important and where the Bulls rank among his growing list of offers.

" I finalized my plans for an official visit." Greg Shaw said on Tuesday. "Coach Scott came to my school last week and talked with my coach. On Monday we set a date."

The date is the most coveted weekend on the calendar.

"I will be in the final week in January. After I visit USF I will make my decision, I might wait till signing day, or I'll do it a few days before."

The final weekend in January is always a big one because it is the last time a recruit can have face-to-face contact with teams until after signing day. It is also the final impression left in the minds of some of these prospects.

Back in April, Shaw had little to no interest in USF, then after the Auburn game and he told USFNation.com that the Bulls were closing in on his top 5. Now that he has set an official visit where do they stand?

"Right now USF is in my top 5. Things have been pretty crazy so I don't want to rank anybody, but they are definitely in there."

Why the sudden jump in interest? Shaw says it's been the persistence of the Bulls staff and coach Larry Scott in particular.

"Really it's because I saw coach Scott watching our game last Friday. That surprised me to see him there on his bye week. Plus he calls me every week! Nobody else calls me that much. Florida calls every once in a while, not nearly as much as coach Scott though."

Shaw will take other visits, some likely candidates for a visit are Louisville, Wisconsin, and Georgia Tech.

"I've had a hard time deciding whether to visit Georgia or Georgia Tech. Right now I'm kind of leaning toward Tech. If I don't take an official to Georgia I'll probably make it an unofficial."

There is still 4 months until signing day, Shaw says he's concentrating on his season right now and his grades. He currently has a 3.7 GPA and his lowest grade this year is a B-.

My Take:
Greg Shaw could be the most important player in this year's class for the Bulls. They do have several linemen leaning their way, but they can only do so much with guards and center's, there biggest need is tackle. Making that even harder is the fact that there are just not that many talented offensive tackles out there, and every other team in the country is in need of one as well. However, locking him in for the final visit is a huge step. Coming from basically zero interest to setting up a visit in the span of 4 months is an accomplishment in itself. Now let's see if the coaching staff can close the deal.

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