USF's Matt Grothe 'You play to be number one'

When the Bulls face North Carolina Saturday, it will be the first time playing as a top 25 team. We got a chance to talk with USF exciting quarterback Matt Grothe. Find out what Matt has to say about staying focused for UNC, the top 25 ranking, the state's 'Big 3', and much more. Only on Get it First, Get it Fast!

Matt Grothe

You had a week to get past all of the Auburn hype, what was this weekend off for you like?

Nice! I got to go fishing a lot. I went for snook. It was snook season. I caught five or six but none of them were keepers.


How do you think practice was after the weekend off?

Coach Leavitt didn't find it too fun but we're putting a lot of stuff in. We have a lot of new stuff going into this week, a little new stuff for the game coming up. Everyone is moving around pretty good so it wasn't that bad.


What did you do Sunday when you saw the polls that came out?

I was actually on the boat fishing and I got about 20 text [messages] saying that we were ranked. I figured we would be after Tennessee lost and UCLA losing. I didn't really care.


Did you watch a lot of college football games this weekend?

I listened to a lot of games on the boat. I didn't watch a lot of them. I listened to the Florida game, and a little bit of the UCF game but a lot of the Florida game mostly.


Were you surprised that UCF hung with Texas?

My dad called me and told me that they were doing pretty good. I figured it was the first quarter but my told me that it was the fourth quarter and I was like "holy cow!" I guess they have a good runningback. They were looking pretty good.


What do you think about Louisville losing? Do you wish they didn't?

I don't care. I mean it looks better for the Big East if they win but it gives other teams a chance to move up. I don't really care though. I'm sure they'll be fine and I'd hate to be the team that faces them this week.


Looking at other games on the schedule, FAU beat Minnesota. Did you pay any attention to that at all?

No, I don't really know much about Minnesota. I know they're a Division I team but there are a lot Division I teams that suck.


From a quarterback's perspective, what do think is the biggest difference between your freshman year last year and now?

Experience, well this time last year I had thrown 3 or 4 interceptions but this year I haven't thrown any. The little things I've been working on. The fact that we're not a young team anymore, this time last year we were missing plays we could have hit. We played pretty well offensively against one of the best defenses in the nation in Auburn. I think if we keep getting better like we did last year then I think we'll be a lot better this time around. If we keep improving, we should do really well this year.


Where do you guys place yourselves amongst the Big 3?

Well, I'm not a 100 % sure but doesn't the ACC winner play the Big East winner in a bowl game?' I'm kind of pulling for Florida State to win the ACC, if we win the Big East I would like play against them in the bowl game and show everybody that we should be a part of that.


In the past you guys would win a big game and then lose a game you probably shouldn't; how do you guard against that now?

I honestly don't think that will happen this year because the last couple of years I have been here I've never seen us stick together like this before. I think it was a [complacency issue] the last couple of years, just being satisfied with what we've done. Two years ago, when we went to the bowl game, even though I didn't play; I could see that some guys were just happy that we were going to a bowl game. It needs to be more about that; it's about being on top and staying on top. It about more than just going to a bowl game, it's about going to BCS game or winning the Big East championship or a national title. That's why you play this; you play to be number one.


How crazy has the last two weeks been and how difficult is it to get back focused on this game?

I don't think it's too difficult. Its funny how everyone was saying before we beat Auburn that it was going to be an upset if we did and now everyone is saying "well was it really an upset? I think it was more of an expected thing, they were saying is it going to be an upset because we've been inconsistent the last couple of years. We either play really well against somebody or really bad. I think when they saw that they probably thought that was our big game of the year.  


What difference do you see far in watching North Carolina's defense on film?

They're a little faster. They still run basically the same stuff but they are little faster and they have some new guys that have some pretty good talent.


Is your entire focus on North Carolina?

Yeah. We've had two weeks to practice for them. We practiced all week for them. I'm anxious to see if they will play us like they did last year or if they are going to play us like the rest of the teams they've been playing this year. I think we can do pretty well against their defense.


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