USF Makes Impression on Lincoln HS Big Men

The Bulls played host to over a dozen recruits on Saturday and USFNation caught up with the top two. Steve "Moose" Robinson and Padric Scott are teammates at Lincoln HS in Tallahassee. Read on to find out what they think of South Florida after seeing them play. Only on!

The South Florida Bulls players were not the only one's leaving Raymond James Stadium with a smile on their face Saturday. There were a few recruits who enjoyed the game just as much.

Steve "Moose" Robinson and Padric Scott, teammates from Lincoln high school, were on the sidelines for an unofficial visit. Moose, who is about the size of a small car plays guard and Padric, no midget himself plays center.

"We really wanted to come to this game." Said Padric Scott, who after a road game in Valdosta, Georgia on Friday night did not even have a chance to sleep before the UNC/USF game.

"Our game got over late, then we drove back to Tallahassee and we had to leave at 6am this morning, so I haven't slept yet, but I wasn't going to miss this game."

Scott is currently committed to Minnesota, while his teammate Moose is uncommitted.

With a big smile on his face Robinson told USFNation that the game blew away his expectations.

"I was up at South Carolina last weekend and I thought that was the best game I'd go to. But man…after watching the game today, I'm torn. It's definitely down to SC and USF."

Both players said this was there first time actually watching a USF game in its entirety and both were surprised at how similar their teams offense is to the Bulls.

"A lot of the things they do offensively are similar to what we run in high school." Moose added, "I watched the offensive line a lot and I like how they play."

After the game the guys stuck around and talked with their recruiting coach Mike Canales and their would-be position coach Mike Simmons.

"I liked everything today." Said Padric. "I'm still a Minnesota commit, but USF is making a really, really, really hard push."

After this visit Padric obviously has a tough decision to make as does Moose, who says he has a plan.

"I'm going to take an official visit to USF and USC before I can make a decision. It's so close that I need to see more."

A successful weekend on the field and off for the Bulls. Stick with USFNation as we will have an update as soon as an official visit is scheduled.

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