LT Ricky Barnum: After Visit, USF in Top 5

Ricky Barnum talks with USFNation about his recent visit to USF. Find out what the Lake Gibson star thought of the Bulls performance against UNC. Only on!

All it takes is one win. Just ask Ricky Barnum, who three months ago didn't even have USF in his top 10. Now the 6-foot-3, 260 pound left tackle has South Florida up there with the defending National Champs.

"These aren't in order, but the top teams I'm considering are UF, USF, Georgia, Bama and West Virginia."

Ricky says that after the win against Auburn he started giving more thought to the Bulls and decided to take an unofficial visit to the UNC/USF game, which pushed USF into his top 5.

"I got a chance to meet the coaching staff. It was great." Adding, "Talking with them and seeing how they work, now I feel close to them. It's like a family over there at USF. I had a chance to meet with the UF staff over the summer and I got that same feeling. I was kinda surprised how everything went last weekend at the game. USF showed me a lot."

On Saturday Barnum will be on the sidelines of the Auburn/Florida game, however that wasn't his first choice.

"I really wanted to be at that game against West Virginia, I want to be there bad! Both teams are in my top 5 and I think it will be a great game."

"I have a game that night, I got my dad TIVO'ing it so I can watch the whole thing. I'm not gonna miss any of it."

Who does Ricky think will win?

"Oh, I can't say!" Laughing, Ricky said, "Both teams are good, both will put points up. I think it comes down to defense. Whoever is tougher will win."

Once Barnum's high school season is over he says he plans to take all his official visits and USF is sure to be one of them. He will also visit West Virginia, Auburn and Alabama all of whom have offered and possibly Florida and Georgia.

"I'm going to take it slow, visit some schools and probably decide on signing day."

"I'm looking for a school that makes me feel comfortable and a staff that I get along with. Academics are important and I'll learn more about that when I take my official visits."

My Take:
Ricky is a kid that I talked to back in April and he really had zero interest in the Bulls. Now I talk to him and it's like he's a different person. He's genuinely excited and I think it comes from getting up-close and personal with the staff and the players at last Saturday's game. I like USF's chances here, it's no where near a lock just yet, but if they keep winning everything will work itself out.

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