Mike Jenkins 'I knew it was gonna' be Crazy!'

After the Bulls amazing 21-13 win over West Virginia, we got a chance to talk with USF cornerback Mike Jenkins. Read on to get his thoughts on the win, what it was like to play in front of 67,000 people, the Bulls ball hawking defense, and more. Only on USFNation.com. Get it First, Get it Fast!

What does it feel like to start the season off 4-0?

"Well, it feels pretty good. This is the first year ever since I've been here that we've started 4-0. Its real good right now. We have to keep it up."


How big is it to get that first conference victory?

"Its really big, its our opening game and its West Virginia. We have to stay focused. The Big East is tremendous. Everybody is good in the Big East so we have to stay focused and keep winning."


What was it like to see 67,000 people in the stands?

"It was crazy! I've never seen the top deck overflow like that. It was a great experience for me knowing its my last year. I haven't seen that in the five years that I've been here so it's a great experience for me. After the Louisville game [in 2005] we started getting a lot of fans and when Grothe came in we started getting a lot of fan support. In the beginning of [this season] a lot of people were doubting us and at the same time we were getting a lot of fan support. After we beat Auburn and North Carolina, I knew it was gonna' be crazy."


What did you think about the fans rushing the fields?

"It was great. At first I didn't think they were gonna' let them come out there but, I thought they were gonna' start tasing people left and right. Once I saw them taking down the goal posts I knew they were gonna' let people on. My first thought was to get out of the way because people were gonna' do some crazy stuff but it felt pretty good to see that." 


Did you guys game plan against West Virginia differently this year?

"No. We did the same thing we did last year. We just manned up against everybody and let the front seven play. It felt pretty good because of the simple fact that a lot of people doubted us. That's why I feel so good right now. I just want to see the [doubter's] faces. They never give us our respect. Our goal was to take respect and I think we did that tonight."


Are you ready to see what all of the analysts on the sports shows are going to say?

"There is definitely going to be a lot of people talking about us now. The analysts will be saying the Bulls are this and the Bulls are that, that's good publicity for us."


What do you think about all these interceptions coming from so many different people?

"To me, that's great, as long as somebody on that defense is stepping up to the plate and making plays. I love our athletic talent. Our safeties are great and our whole secondary is great. We should be ranked somewhere up there. Nate [Allen] is an excellent player. He's quiet but come game time he lets his game play talk. The linebackers are playing great. We've never had a season when the linebackers have had so many picks. I love it. I hope the d-line starts getting picks [laughs]."

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