Catching Up with Bulls CB Trae Williams

We got a chance to talk with USF cornerback Trae Williams, the interception leader for '06. Read on to get his thoughts on the big win, what it was like to play in front of a sold out stadium, and on the interceptions by the defense. Only on Get it First, Get it Fast!

Trae Williams


How big was getting the win for you guys?

"It was a very big game. We're 1-0 in the Big East and there were a lot of fans at the game, e didn't want to disapoint."


How much did the crowd lift you guys up on defense as loud as they were tonight?

"They lifted us up a lot. The offense had turned the ball over a couple of times and we had to go out there and stop them. We just fed off the crowd and they were making a lot of noise."


Did the game plan change at all this year for West Virginia?

"No, it was pretty much the same. We all came in and stacked the box and stop Slaton and White and play man on the outside."


Did you guys change the game plan when Jarrett Brown came in?

"It was pretty much the same. We knew that he was going to try to run the ball also so we just used our game plan from the beginning."


What were you thinking at the end there when they got the ball on that last drive?

"The d-line and linebackers held their own. They did what they were supposed to do. We were thinking that we just need to go out there and stop them. They passed the ball on us a couple of times, we bent a little bit but we didn't break."


How loud did the fans sound on the field?

"It was very loud out there, one of the loudest I've heard it at the stadium. I think the loudest was during the UNC game on the goal line series.. I was like Whoa! That was crazy! I couldn't even hear Carlton [Williams] and we were close to each other. It was good for us as a defense to see the quarterback calling "hut, hut hut" and the center couldn't even hear him. That was the loudest I've ever heard the stadium.


What did you think seeing that crowd and all those people?

"It was amazing! 67,000, that's my first time seeing it since I've been to South Florida. It was great. It was nice seeing people [storm the field]. Everyone was shaking your hand and patting you on the back."


That interception against UNC tied you up with Mike Jenkins, but Ben and Nate share the team lead, any comments?

"It feels really good to finally get an interception. I had seven last year, but I wasn't really worried about it throughout the year. If I get one, I get one. It just so happened I got one against UNC. Carlton Williams told me before the game that "I feel it, your going to get one today. It's good to see other guys making things happen and causing turnovers, especially from the linebacker position, it makes it harder to try and throw away from us."


How important was this game to make a statement?

"It was very important for us to come in and win because people thought we would be caught up in the hype of the rankings. It was up to us to come out and prove to everyone that we could still come out and play and not let all that stuff get to us. We came out focused."


What does a game like this mean for everybody?

‘It means a lot. It's great for us, it's great for the school, and it's great for the Tampa Bay area."

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