Coach Canales Breaks Down the FAU Game.

After Saturday's 35-23 win at FAU, Pass coordinator/receiver Coach Mike Canales was surprisingly upbeat about the win. See what the coach had to say in this exclusive post-game interview. Only on!Get it First Get it fast!

Coach Mike Canales


Was this game harder then you imagined it would be?


"We had everything to lose and they got so much to gain and to play for, it was a big game for them, and they played like it was."


Do you think FAU looked at this game as the biggest on their schedule?


"Yeah I do. Some people said it's like there super bowl. I call it a circle game. You circle it on the schedule, this is one you want to win, and then you circle it on the schedule. This was their circle game. They knew we were coming down to their place. They didn't know it was going to play out like this with us being a top ten team, but it did and it really set the tone. I think they probably had a great week at practice and came out and laid it out on the line and they gave everything they had for the one game."


Were the players ready to handle playing with a target on their back?


"Our kids are starting to do a good job and handle adversity early, fumbles and turnovers, and the defense kept us in the game early. They came in at halftime and made the adjustments said we're going to do different things, block people differently, make things happen, and the kids did it."


Did you change you game plan at all for this game, with some big games coming up on the schedule?


"No, not really, we wanted to run the ball, we wanted to throw the ball. We really thought that we could throw on these guys, and what we're finding is that teams are dropping seven guys, dropping eight guys, and try to make us fit it in there. They're trying to make matt make some plays, make some good throws, and at times he struggled a bit.  We just got to keep pushing and make those plays, but we'll get there. I'm not mad or anything, I'm happy that we were able to run the ball so well, it took the pressure off at the end. Our kids did a great job blocking down field, and that's what you have to do sometime."


Many people said this as a trap game did you think it was?


"Maybe it was, but next week you could say the same thing about UCF. It was a bit though with the environment, the atmosphere here, the locker rooms and the coaching changing at the hotels. It was nuts. We won't have to worry about that next week, and that's a good thing.


How did you feel about the crowd at the game?


"It was great. I really thought the crowd was good. I thought there fans were wonderful, and thought they cheered as loud as ours did. It was really great to see all that green in the stands. It makes a difference. It makes a real big difference to the whole team to see that."


Did you think our fans would travel in such masses to see the game?


"I did, I really thought after last weeks game against West Virginia they would travel. I knew we be seeing a lot of green in the stands. I wasn't surprised at all to see those numbers. Not with all the fans we have, it was really great. I'm happy for the kids, the program and all the guys that were here a long time ago, they're all calling. Kevin Patrick, one of our first D-line coaches was at the game and I think it's wonderful.


After a playing a somewhat off game are you just happy to come out with a win?


"Absolutely, in some areas we struggled but, they made adjustments and showed some good things too. All that really matters is coming out with a win, and I'm very happy with that."


Are guy ready to handle the added pressure of being top ranked through the rest of the schedule?


"They have to, that's part of being at that point. At this stage in the program, we're up there now and you have to be able to handle it. Teams are facing us differently now. I think our kids are starting to do a good job handling adversity and I think there up to the task."


Do you guys think you'll face the same thing this week against UCF?


"We tell the kids every week that's its going to come down to sixty minutes of football and its going to come down to the last minute, the last play of the game, and that's how you have to prepare, and that's how we do it."



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