Tommy Streeter Serious About South Florida

USFNation had the chance to talk with the 6'5, 4-Star WR about his unique school situation, recruiting, his interest level in the Bulls and much more. Read on for the entire story.

Tommy Streeter is not your average 4-Star recruit, on or off the field. You see, he plays for Northwestern high school, but attends Turner Tech, a school that does not offer sports.

Streeter explained his situation to's Mike Bakas back in March.

"I go to a school called Turner Tech," he said. "It's a technical arts school close by. I'm learning about TV productions. They have programs like finance, health, agriculture, things like that. We don't have sports there so the athletes have to go to other schools."

The 6-foot-5, 200 pound wide-out carries a 4.2 GPA and is currently prepping to take his ACT for the first time on October 27th.

On the field Streeter was one of the most productive junior WR's in Florida a year ago. He caught 57 passes for over 800 yards and 14 touchdowns. This year Tommy says he's not aware of what his stats are.

"I actually have no idea. I'm sure I'll find out when the seasons over, right now I'm just worried about states and getting our team back to the championship."

However, it looks like Streeter won't be able to help his team on the field for another two weeks.

"I hurt my shoulder a little. I could play this week but the coaches are holding me out till our tough games in a couple weeks. I feel good, they just want to make sure I'm all healed up."

Injury or no injury, nothing has slowed the interest from colleges. Streeter already tallied over a dozen offers by June. Although he's not focused on recruiting, Tommy has taken a trip up to Boston College and says there are a few teams that he talks with regularly.

"I talk to coach Day from BC, Coach Scott from USF and Coach Gillespie at South Carolina."

"On Saturday coach Day called me before their game, that was cool. I probably talk to him and coach Scott the most."

Are the Bulls a real contender for Streeter?

"I like USF, they're a hot team right not. One thing I like about talking to Coach Scott is that he is never content, even when they have big wins he always wants more. I talk to him once a week and he's got a lot of energy, he believes and loves his program."

As far as visits go, Streeter has already taken one to BC and plans a few more.

"My visit to Boston was great. I like their offense. The game I was at, they threw the ball 51 times! I liked that a lot. I also took an unofficial visit to Miami for the Texas A&M game."

"Besides BC I know I'm going to visit South Carolina and I might take a trip to South Florida. Coach Scott talked about it once, but we haven't set a date or anything."

Streeter says besides USF he doesn't have much contact with the other in-state schools.

"I don't talk to any of the other coaches on a regular basis. The funny thing is, there's all these stories written about me and those schools, but I really don't talk to them that much."

For now it looks like Tommy isn't taking anything too seriously when it comes to recruiting. Knowing the type of kid he is, he will evaluate every option and make the best decision for himself and his family.

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