Coach Gregory Pleased With Offensive Outburst

Saturday the Bulls 64-12 win over UCF was their highest point total in seven years, and USF offensive coordinator Coach Gregory tells USFNation his thoughts on the offensive outburste. Read on for all the details. Only on -- Get it First, Get it Fast!

Offensive Coordinator Greg Gregory


How did you like that offensive outburst?

"Well, we knew we were close. Realistically, we've been scoring points up until this game without taking advantage of the turnovers by our defense except for maybe one or two. We knew that if we didn't turn it over and we did take advantage of some of the short fields that we get; our point totals will be going up. We actually dropped a couple of touchdown passes but they kids played well. You can see it in practice that we've been getting better. Turnovers sometimes distort what is happening but we really felt like these past few weeks we've been getting better."


What did you see in the UCF defense that you were hoping to exploit?

"There were certain "looks" or formations that we felt we could exploit if it stayed the same and we did. They played the way we expected them to play and our kids executed against it and made a few big plays. They were going to dare us to throw the deep ball because we've missed on it the past couple of weeks but we hit them [today] even though we dropped a few of them early. We dropped three touchdowns today, but we kept coming."


During the last two minutes of the 1st half it was 19--10 and UCF was still in the game, what was going through your mind?

"They were very much in the game. I think the big thing was that we got the field goal before. I thought they might throw the ball but, when they didn't hit it on first down I thought they were going to run the ball to get the clock going. We were going to use our timeouts to try and get the ball back. When we got it back we hit a couple of big plays and then the last play was just a great throw and catch by Matt and Taurus [Johnson]. Taurus made two great catches today."


Are you happy that [Matt] Grothe didn't have to scramble on that TD pass?

"We really didn't break down in protection. They were covering some guys and Matt is more apt to break out of the pocket instead of stepping up in the pocket. I think part of that is because of his ability as a runner and we work on that more than anything and also because of his height. Sometimes when you step up into the pocket and you're not a really tall quarterback it's hard to throw the ball. We're more apt to break containment or to step up and slide outside than to stay in the pocket."


How important was it to get Grant Gregory some work in the game?

"Oh yeah, He's been one play away. We really feel like he's an extremely good player that happens to be behind an extremely good player. You saw what he can do, he can throw the ball. We were really happy to get him in. That gives him a full quarter against North Carolina a quarter and a half today. So if something happens and he's called upon our players have full confidence in him. I don't think they have any question, they see him everyday in practice. Its good to get him in a real ball game and have success. I think it's important to get guys in who don't normally play. I thought it was great to get Anthony [Severino] into the game and he got a touchdown. They work so hard in practice every day and it's great to get them in the game and have them run legitimate plays and not just sit on the ball."


How much do you think this helps you in terms of what Rutgers has to do to prepare for the passing game?

"I really don't know. Matt [Grothe] is a good player and they know we can throw the ball. We've cut back on how much we've thrown in the last couple of games because we ran it so well last week and two weeks ago it was one of those tight games where our defense was playing so well against West Virginia when the [offense] was back up we didn't want to do anything that would give West Virginia an easy score. We didn't take too many chances. When we need to throw, we'll crank it out because we've got some guys that can make plays."


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