USFNation Photo Gallery: USF vs Rutgers brings you part 2 of our FREE exclusive action photos from the Rutgers game. Check out all the action from USFN photgrapher Kyle Jeffies. Only On - Get It First, Get it Fast!

Big East Commissioner Michael A. Tranghese

Color anlysis Doug Flutie

Color anlysis Craig James

Sideline Reporter Erin Andrews

Safety Jerome Murphy

Mike Ford

WR Marcus Edwards

WR Taurus Johnson

K Delbert Alvarado

QB Matt Grothe

Matt Grothe

Grothe Going

Grothe in for the score

CB Trae Williams

CB Ryan Gilliam

RB Mike Ford

QB Matt Grothe

QB Matt Grothe

The Trenches

Grothe on the run

LS Eric Setzer

LB Ben Moffitt

George Selvie

Tyrone McKenzie

CB Mike Jenkins going for the scoop

WR Courtney Denson

Matt Grothe

Ray Rice

Holder/QB Brian Depaula & Jeremy Ito

WR Marcus Edwards

RB Mike Ford

QB Matt Grothe

Amarri Jackson

Jump Ball

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