Matt Grothe: We still control our own destiny

The Bulls had their first taste of defeat in over a year. Find out what Matt has to say about the game, the implications of the upcoming UCONN game, and much more. Only on Get it First, Get it Fast!

Matt Grothe


How do you think the team will respond to its first loss of the season?

"We've lost games before, it's just a game, it's not like it's your life. We'll be fine; we had a good practice last night. We've been in this situation before and we know how to bounce back and win games. I think we'll be alright."


How was the morale in practice like?

"Everyone was bouncing around. It was just like the six weeks prior to that. You couldn't even tell that we've lost. It was a little more humid last night for whatever reason but even with the warm weather we had last night there was not a drop off in anything. We bounced around like we normally do. We got everything done and we were off the field fairly quick."


After looking at the game film, was there anything that you would have liked to done differently?

"There's always going to be plays, even in the UCF game. I can think of a whole bunch of stuff I would change if I could. Not giving up so many sacks and most of those were on me. I've heard that the o-line has been taking a lot of "whatever" for that game but after watching the film that was one of the best games they've ever played. I had plenty of time to throw the ball. Because I make plays with my feet sometimes I think I can get away from stuff. I try to run around and it doesn't always work out. There is a couple of times I wish I just threw the ball away or just get up-field back to the line of scrimmage instead of taking sacks."


Even though you're used to making plays by scrambling around, do you feel like you have to do that every play?

"I don't know, I just like to win. Sometimes I don't need to try as hard. It's just the way it happens."


How do you feel about that pass interference call on Amarri?

"Well, some nights you will get that call and some nights you won't."

What do you think of Coach Leavitt's sideline demeanor during the Rutgers game?

"Coach is Coach, he does a good job and if I were him I'd be trying to do the same thing. He's trying to win a game not just go out there and play football. He's trying to win and win the Big East like he talks about all of the time. He's crazy but I appreciate it and so does everybody else on this team. He's a hell of a coach"


Do you guys feed off of his passion?

"Oh yeah, he wants to be out there on the field just as bad as we do. If he could I swear to god that he would be out there with us. He does everything he can to get us going. It really helps."


How have the fans and people on campus reacted to you guys after that loss?

"I don't know. I guess you'd have to ask them. I've had people come up to me and say its not a big deal, we still got this etc. I guess they're still supporting us and know we have a chance to make school history this year. We have to keep playing one game at a time and finishing strong."


I know this is a question you thought you'd never be answering but what's the deal with your hair? Are you going to grow it back?

"It's getting cut this week, not the Mohawk but its getting fixed. Its getting a little long but probably Friday I'll head up to Super Cuts."


How was it like to meet someone who you've been compared to in Doug Flutie?

"The first thing that popped into my head was, if he was listed it 5'11" how come I'm not listed at 6'3"? [laughs]. He's a cool guy and he came up and talked to me. I'm surprised at how short he was. To do what he's done and to get all of the criticisms to this day that people still say about shorter quarterbacks [is great]. Its amazing to have him come up to me and talk. It was a good experience."


Did you notice all of the extra scouts walking around at the game?

"Not at all, I didn't even realize it. I know they've been at practice the last couple of weeks but didn't realize that they were at the game."


How did you feel about the rankings? Were you disappointed at how far they dropped you?

"It was about where I expected. I thought we would be around 10, 11, or 12. There are a lot of other teams that would have dropped a lot further than we did so it shows that we're getting a little more respect."


What do you see different from UConn's team this year?

"Nothing, they still play like they do. They're a little bit faster and a little bit more experienced. I think the reason they've been playing so well is that they don't give up any big plays. They never miss coverage and they never bust on defense. They just go out and play football. When you play mistake free football, you don't have to depend on your offense as much."


Does their win over Louisville give this upcoming game a little more luster?

"I don't know. Yes and no because they are Louisville but at the same time they are Uconn which is 6-1. Louisville is not sitting at 6-1 like they are. It is just another challenge for us and just another game. We have to do what we do every week and get prepared for UConn."


Do you guys control your own destiny or do you need help?

"I don't think we need help at all. We still control our own destiny and we're still on top. UConn is 2-0 in the conference but if we beat them this week we're right back up on top and we control our own destiny. We control our own destiny up until the last snap of the last game. It's just a matter of coming out there and playing like we know how to every game."

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