Shaw Ready for More Visits

Offensive tackle Greg Shaw talks to USFNation about his latest visit to LSU, who has dropped of his list and what other teams he will visit this winter. Read on for the entire story.

"I had a great time on my visit to LSU, beautiful campus, great game and a good experience. But overall, I learned a lot, now I know what to look for and expect when I go on more visits."

Greg Shaw, 6-foot-6 and 280 pounds, took his first official visit two weeks ago to LSU. He told USFNation that it was more than just going to a game and seeing the crowd.

"It opened my eye's to what to expect as far as academics go and what a campus looks like. LSU has a great campus and great facilities, I am looking forward to taking more visits."

Last time we talked with Shaw he said he had scheduled an official visit with South Florida and he was looking to set up visits with Louisville, Georgia Tech and Wisconsin. A month later, things have changed.

"I won't be visiting Louisville, I'm not sure about Wisconsin or Georgia Tech either."

Shaw explained why he's on the fence about Wisconsin.

"The thing with them is that they have a freshman starting at left tackle this year. I'm certainly not afraid of competing, I just think it may not be the best situation for me to walk into."

"So now I think I will visit USF, FSU and UF."

Shaw admits that staying in Florida is appealing, however Miami is not one of the Florida schools looking at him.

"Miami hasn't shown interest, they don't really call. I'm not looking to go there anyway."

Stick with USFNation as we follow Shaw through his visit with USF and the rest of his recruitment.

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