USF WR Carlton Mitchell: Ready to Step it Up

With injuries mounting, USF freshmen Carlton Mitchell will make his first career start against Cincy Saturday. Mitchell has size, speed, and has already shown glimpses of what he can do on the field when he has oportunities. Read this exclusive interview to find out more. Only on Get it First Get it fast!

Carlton Mitchell


What are your thoughts on getting your first start with Amarri Jackson going down?

"I was kind of excited but at the same time I was a kind of down because I didn't want it to be like this. Me and Amarri are really close, I just have to step it up."


From your perspective, is it easier to come off a loss when you were right in the game and had a chance to win or is it easier to come off a loss where it's not so close?

"I guess it's easier to come off this loss because we know we did a lot of stuff to hurt ourselves. We know we have to make a lot of corrections in practice this week and get prepared for the next game."


What is the mood this week in practice?

"Everybody is focused, and practice was really good and really intense. Everybody was getting after it and [Ben] Moffitt talked to us before practice and told us that we have to go out there and have a [good] practice and work hard."


Is there anything that you guys have done differently in practice the last two weeks?

"We haven't done anything different receiver-wise except that the rotation has been different. We're trying to see who is gonna' fit but at the same time everybody is working hard from the scout team all the way to the coaches."


Can you describe Ben Moffitt's message?

"He talked to us for about a good four or five minutes, he said that we need to get out there and practice, how we've lost the past two weeks and the fact that Cincinnati beat us bad last year. He said we're not going to have a repeat and we're going to come out and have our A game ready."


What has the coach said to you about making your first start with all the injuries to the other receivers?

"He hasn't said anything really to me about starting yet. I know its gonna happen because I'm the next receiver in line and [Coach Leavitt] said to be ready and stay focused when your number is called."


What was it like to have your friends and family there to cheer for you?

"It was like high school all over again. It was a good feeling and I had a lot of fun. It's good to see people in the stands that you know so you can show them that you're making it through college and doing something."


How is it that even after two losses, you seem to have good demeanor.  

"I always try to keep a positive attitude. That's how my mom always taught me. You can't really do anything about most of the stuff that happens. If it's meant to be, it's meant to be. I try to keep everybody up."


What is the team's goal/motto for the next five games?

"Our motto is to finish strong. We want to win the Big East and we're still in it for that."

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