Sounding Off!

In the newest feature on, our members submit recruiting related questions and our own Josh Newberg answers them in a unique podcast format.

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These are some of the questions members submited and we answered:

  • Is Theo the answer to our return game or is the staff still looking for one more guy like Frazier or a fast RB to fill the void?

  • With the high praise Jeff Hawkins received for his D-line play recently, is there a chance he could move to D-line once he arrives in Tampa?  Or is he strictly a TE at the next level?

  • I see you have Shawn Spence listed 2nd on the Who's Hot list.  I assume that means we are still recruitng him pretty hard.  Do we have a chance of stealing him from the Canes or is that a pipe dream?

  • Where does Landi land in your top 5 QB list?

  • Are there any guys you see getting offers within the next few weeks?

  •  I'm gonna put you on the spot and speak for everyone on this board.Do you,in your 'expert' opinion,after all is said and done think we will get BJ? In the event we don't would you consider that a big/small loss?

  • Why is Derek Winter on the hotlist?  Personally I do not know why the staff keeps him on the board because it is clear he is not interested.

  • I read a while back myron dillard wants to play for usf. Has usf offered him, and if we haven't why do you think the bulls haven't offered?

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