Bulls going to Utah for O-Line help

Every year there is a player that has the potential to come in and single handedly make a team better. That player is on the horizon for USF. Read more about this 6'5, 300 pound JUCO left tackle from Utah. Only on USFNation.com -- Get it First, Get it Fast!

The second most important position on a football field is the left tackle position, a close second only to quarterback. Protecting a QB's blindside is imperative, and a team lacking a good left tackle is usually a team that lacks offense. This year USF has feverishly been recruiting LT's; Greg Shaw, Cedric Mack, Brandon Davis, as it is every year – talent is scarce and need is high around the nation. That is why South Florida is going West for help.

Andrew Mitchell is a one-of-a-kind player that could be an immediate answer for the Bulls offensive troubles. He's a 6-foot-5, 300 pound brick-wall that has not allowed a single sack this season while playing at Snow Junior College in Ephriam Utah. Snow is widely regarded as the number one JUCO in the country, last week they beat the number four team in the nation by a score of 55-24.

Mitchell's path to Snow was an unconventional one. After graduating high school in 2003 (Choctaw, OK) Mitchell did not have a division one offer and decided to enroll at Dixie State Junior College as a tight end.

After one season at Dixie JUCO, Mitchell left and went on a religious mission for the next two years. Upon his return in 2006, he enrolled at Snow and sat out the year after tearing his ACL. During his rehab stint Mitchell worked out rigorously and went from 6'5, 240 to a lean 6'5, 300. Transforming himself from an average tight end to a top-tier left tackle.

"I'm an all-around offensive lineman." Mitchell says with confidence. "I'm still quick and fast, but I'm a lot stronger and can move guys in the running game."

Snow JUCO is a run-first team, but last week they threw for close to 450 yards against one of the top teams in the country, in large part to the protection Mitchell provided.

Out of high school, not many colleges took notice of Andrew. Now he's getting quite a bit.

"The main offers I'm considering right now are Oklahoma State, NC State, Arizona, Arizona State, Troy, New Mexico and New Mexico State."

There is also an East-Coast team showing interest.

"USF called me last week for the first time. They seem really interested, I sent them my tape and I think they might offer."

If an offer comes, Mitchell will have a tough decision to make – he's already scheduled 5 visits (the max allowed by the NCAA).

"If they offer I'll have to bump one of my other visits because I would be interested in looking at USF."

For now his visits look like this: Arizona next Thursday and Friday, Arizona State that same weekend on Saturday and Sunday, then NC State on 11/24, Oklahoma State on 12/7 and Kansas State on 12/14.

"I think coach Leavitt has done a great job at USF, they lost a few games lately, but they are impressive. I want to check them out…Tampa can't be a bad place, right?!?"

USFNation will have another update with the pro-style left tackle if/when an offer is extended.

My Take:
Andrew Mitchell is the real-deal. He's mentally mature enough to come in and pick-up the playbook and he is physically bigger than anyone on the current roster. At 22 years old Mitchell is ready to jump in the rotation and not only start, but dominate. He's used to playing against high-level talent and has experience playing in cold weather, a place the where the Bulls traditionally struggle. As of now he does not have an offer, I have a feeling one is on the way.

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