USF vs Cincy: Behind the Bench Photo Gallery

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Ben Moffitt

Team Captains

Coach Jim Leavitt

OG Matt Huners

LB Ben Moffitt

RB Mike Ford

WR Carlton Mitchell

Amarri and Carlton

Amarri and Carlton

RB Mike Ford

WR T.J. Johnson

CB Trae Williams makes the pick

Trae turns it upfield

Trae turns it on

Trae gets a pick 6

Trae & Nate Allen

Ryan Shmidt & Marc Dile

OT Walter Walker

Coach Leavitt

LB Sabbath Joseph

CB Mike Jenkins first action at KR since HS

Jenkins takes it downfield

Jenks hits paydirt!

Mike Jenkins

Mike Jenkins

Grothe congratulates Jenks

LB Chris Robinson

RB Ben Williams likes what he saw

Mike Jenkins

DT Richard Clebert

Ben moffitt & George Selvie

DB Tyller Roberts & DT Aaron Harris

DT Aaron Harris

Coach Leavitt

DB Tyller Roberts

DB Jerome Murphy

CB Mike Jenkins with another great return

Jenks takes out the ref

Jerome Murphy

CB Ryan Giliams talks it over with Jenks

Coach Wally Burnham

LB Ben Moffitt

QB Matt Grothe, TE Ced Hill, & OT Marc Dile

QB Matt Grothe under pressure

RB Benjamin Williams

RB Benjamin Williams

DB Jerome Murphy returns a kick

Matt Grothe

TE Cedric Hill

Ced Hill gets some tough yards

DE Jarriett Buie & the D-line

DE George Selvie

Coach Mike Canales

Coach Mike Simmonds

Matt Grothe

QB Grant Gregory

CB Trae Williams

WR Marcus Edwards returns a punt

WR A.J. Love makes the catch

A.J. Love is stripped while fighting for yards

LB's Tyrone McKenzie & Ben Moffitt converge

The O-line

Matt Grothe

QB Matt Grothe

LB"S Brouce Mompemier & Donte Spires

Coach Dan McCarney

WR Jessie Hester Jr & Marcus Edwards

Coach Dan McCarney & Selvie

OT WAlter Walker

Mike Jenkins

Chris Robinson

Richard Clebert

Amarri Jackson

Ford & Clebert

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