Bulls Back-up QB Gregory is Also a Warrior

Everyone knows that Matt Grothe is a warrior, but the Bulls back-up QB is tough as nails and talks about the hit that opened up a vicious bloody cut at Syracuse. Only on USFNation.com Get it First, Get it Fast!

Grant Gregory


That was quite a collision you were involved in, could you describe the play?

"It was a quarterback draw, and it was 3rd and 20, I remember that, so most likely we're not going to get the first down, so I just wanted to get as many yards as I could. I figured it was going to be my only carry so I had to get some contact and I saw that safety at the last second and we had a nice collision. We hit each other and I spun off of him and tried to keep running, then was under big pile of bodies and I didn't really know what happened, I just knew it was a solid hit."


When did you realize what had happed?

 "When I was on the bottom of the pile and I was on my left shoulder and then saw all the blood in my left eye. I said to myself "oh shoot I can't see out of my left eye, it happened again didn't it." Then I got up, took out my mouth piece saw all the blood dripping and was like not again, but what ever."


How many times has this happened before?

"This is the third time, for the third straight year it has happened. The forehead pad on my face mask, if I get in a nice collision it slides down and it just slices it. The pressure from the pad and my nose bone just causes it to slice it wide open."


You kept running after the contact, did it happen on the initial hit?

"We hit it each other, and it was a nice collision, it was a good helmet to helmet hit, or actually a face mask to face mask, because neither one of us had our head down. I tried to spin off and keep running and it happened on the initial hit but I didn't know it until I was on the ground on my side."


When you got up and were on the sideline why were you smiling?

"Yeah, I started smiling after I knew what happened on the field because it doesn't really hurt that much too me. I've had more stitches on my head and face then probably anybody you'll ever meet, so I'm used to it. It is what it is and you just got to deal with it. I was more disappointed beause I knew I wasn't going to be able to play anymore."


What were your feelings about the hit afterwards?

"The guy acted like he did something great, but I hit him as good as he hit me. So I just looked at him and gave him a good smile and was like I'm still here."


You look like you enjoy hitting, do you?

"Hell yeah I do.  As a back-up I don't get to play that much, so when I do I want some contact. I've always loved contact. It's part of the game. I just love it, I really love it."


They kept cutting away to your dad up in the booth, did he show any concern?

"No, I remember, I don't think he really knew what happened because it was fourth down so obviously he wasn't calling the next play but was probably getting ready for the next series. So sometimes they'll call me to tell me if I messed up on something or what not, but I don't think he knew what happened."


I know your mom watches the games was she concerned?

"I'm sure but, I told her it was the third time and not to worry I'm fine.


So you knew right away what it was?

"I knew right when I felt the blood in my eye and heard some of their players saying ‘oh my god', and I was like it's the same exact thing, and whaen I was in the locker room, I looked in the mirror and it's the same exact scar that opened up."


Is this something that you'll just have to get used to?

"Yeah, that's what the doctor told me. That's why its so bad for a boxer to get cut, because the scar tissue that forms is so prone to open up, and when it does it bleeds a lot."


Do you think about switching helmets?

"I use a new one now. It's called a DNA. It's a real comfortable helmet, and I just got it yesterday. I actually had one last year, and for whatever reason I didn't choose to get one this year, but probably should have, but I have one now."


Is it the same helmet that Ben Busbee uses?

"No, it's a little bit lighter probably more expensive, and I'm sure everybody will have one soon. Busbee's helmet we call the Halo helmet after the game and they are really ugly, but are supposed to be really nice."


You get to choose your helmet?

"Yeah, the one I've used all season was the one I used in high school, and we're creatures of habit. But I got the new one now and it's got more padding and so hopefully it helps. I sweat a lot and the helmet slides, but if it happens again I'll just cover it up."


So a hit like that won't make you shy away from contact next time?

"No, absolutely not, I'll play the same way every time, that's what I do."

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