Bulls DE George Selvie Just Wants To Win

Bulls DE George Selvie is on pace to break the NCAA record for tackles for a loss and we got a chance to talk with the dynamic USF sophomore. Read on to get his thoughts on Louisville, being close to setting a record and and more. Only on USFNation.com. Get it First, Get it Fast!

George Selvie


How important it was getting the win at Syracuse?

"It was real big. We were on a three game losing streak so we really had to get the win real bad. Coach came out and gave us a little speech and motivated us and we came out with emotion and got the job done. It was big win for us to get back on track."


How hard is it facing a quarterback like Bryan Brohm?

 "Bryan is a great quarterback. We played him last year and we had a tough time with him last year. He's got accuracy that's out of this world. It is going to be hard for our whole defense to try and take him on. We got to get the pass rush on and our DB's to get in the right coverage and be at the right place at the right time. We are going to step up to that challenge."


What do you know or remember about their offensive line?
"They have a good offensive line too. Bussey, the tackle I'm going against he's an all Big East guy I went against him last year and he's good. It is going to be tough, but we're going to do what we've got to do."


What do you know about the Louisville tackle you'll be going against Saturday?

"I know a little about him, his uncle goes to my church back in Pensacola. When they beat us last year and I went against him he gave me a little tough time. I went against him last year and I didn't get any sacks but got a couple tackles. He's a great player and has got a quick pass set and he protects real good. It's going to be a hard game going against an all big east guy."


Are you looking to get some payback this year?

"I really do, his uncle going to be at the game to he came down here to be with my parents. I'm ready to play and want to do well so I can make a little something in conversation at church."


Does last years loss at Louisville weigh on your mind?

"Yeah we went up last year and started off on fire, stopped them the first two series and gave our offense the ball. We started off pretty good, then all of the sudden it went away from us and it hurt, and then it got really cold after that."


What are your feelings on your increased production this year?

 "Coach always says don't pay attention to that stuff, the end is all that matters I'm just going out there to play football, try and get more sacks, try and get more tackles for losses and help the team win Everybody's going to that."


What are your feelings about being so close to setting the tackles for losses record?

"To tell you the truth, it means a lot to be able to go down in history. I just have to go out there and play. More than that, I just want to get a win. More than getting those two tackles for losses, I'll take the win any day. In the win/loss column, you always want the win"


Do you think about it a lot?

"I think about it some, but I'm a young player and try not to think about it too much. I'm just going to go out there play hard and get that 1 1/2 tackles for a loss, but like I said I want that win as bad as I want those tackles for a loss." 


How does having Coach Dan McCarney help the defensive line?

"He tries to get us to play hard. He tries to make us play relentlessly. He just wants us to go out there and beat somebody every play. If we don't do that he gets mad. When we were at Syracuse, I was having a good game and I messed up on one play and  he never came down on me like that before, it kind of hurt my feelings a bit, but it's all good. I went out there and did better the next play. He reminds me of Coach Leavitt a little bit, just a tad bit less intense, but they on us if we do bad."


How does playing for coaches like Leavitt and McCarney motivate you?

"It does help, when he demands it you want to do better. When you get hollered at you, you don't want to do any less and disappoint them. He wants us to be the best defensive line in the country. So we try to prove to him that we are."

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